Sunday, January 30, 2005

Debunking Tax Protesters

Dr. John Cobin has sent two URLs on the topic of tax protesters:

Of the former Dr. Cobin says, "He has a very thorough rebuttal to nonresident alien, 14th amendment, Larkin Rose stuff, Schiff stuff, voluntary compliance stuff, 16th amendment did not include earnings, 5th amendment silence argument, labor is property argument, and more using many court cites. The purpose of the site is to give federal lawyers the ammo they need to beat down 'tax protesters.'"

"Comments welcome since I am writing my brief against the slime."

By "slime" I presume he means federal lawyers and not tax protesters! Be that as it may, legal-based arguments against the IRS probably just won't work. Expansionist government is now too deeply entrenched for that, as is the consequence that the feds own the fruits of our labors, not us.

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