Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Illegal Immigration and the Bush Regime: Recommended Action

I have signed this petition. Have you?

+ + +
Special Petition Alert from Alliance
+ + +

With the President's new "temporary worker" plan unveiled, it is
time the American public respond and let our elected officials
know that "We want our borders secure!"

That is why has launched this petition to "Secure
Our Borders." It calls on our leaders in Congress and President
Bush to make stopping the flow of illegal immigration the first
priority BEFORE any other reforms are even considered.

+ + 100,000 Citizen Petitions Needed

Over the next 30 days, Grassfire is urging citizens from across
the nation to take immediate action with us by signing our
petition to "Secure Our Borders":

This issue poses a very real threat to every man, woman and
child living in our nation, and demands attention. That's why
Grassfire wants to rally 100,000 citizen responses at double

We want our elected officials to know that the American people
are demanding action NOW to stop the flow of illegal

Once we reach our target goal, we will deliver these petitions to
the White House and key elected officials--demanding they make
the issue of illegal immigration a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY
this year.

Unless strong, decisive action is taken, the flow of illegals into
our nation will only increase, and further threaten the lifestyles of
American citizens.

+ + Let them know where you stand.

The time has come for Americans to stand united against
programs that reward illegal activity. It's time to tell our
leadership we want real action and real results.

Start today by signing our national petition to "Secure Our

Thanks for taking action with us. Alliance

P.S. This is a total grassroots effort whose success depends
wholly on you. After signing this petition, please alert your
friends, family, and co-workers, letting them know that Grassfire
is standing up for secure borders and a secure nation!

Thanks for your help.

A Christian Patriot
Hosea 4:6

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