Thursday, January 27, 2005

Reading Assignments

Dennis Cuddy's latest installment on social control and "mental health" is available at, not to be missed. Also read the earlier installments of this important series.

Robert Locke describes the reasons for his reluctant conversion to a "conspiracy theory" of modern history--a theory of the Covert Coalition to Rule the World (CCRW) here. This article dates from last summer; I just ran across it this morning while searching for something else. I don't agree with everything Locke has to say, but this article deserves to be read.

Since I'll be on the radio later this evening to talk about The Real Matrix and Sustainable Development, perhaps a review of the latter is in order. Here is one of the best and most comprehensive short pieces on the subject. You can read Agenda 21 here. It really exists. None of this is simply made up, the product of paranoid "conspiracy theorists."

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