Monday, January 24, 2005

The Struggle to Expose / Oppose the New World Order and Not Starve

A recent email enables this writer to highlight some of the issues facing us unless we can get better organized and find some real sources of financial support. It also might answer one or two questions puzzling some of my friends and former colleagues why I returned to school back in 1997 to get a health education degree or attempted to work in that field for a while.

L.B. writes:

"Believe it or not, I took the red pill and read your whole article. I knew most of this, from books like Secret Society, and free range home teaching for 8 years. I like that you have referenced it so well.

"My question is: if you have worked for and published reports for Cancer Societies, such as the Cancer Research Needs Report , how can you do this? Cancer is so embedded in the whole dumming us down, and don't teach them to think ideals - it is the modern epitomy of how we have all been sucked into the matrix - how do you write needs report on this? Comments appreciated."

I replied:

Note to [L.B.]:

Thank you for writing. I am glad you found the article helpful and well-referenced.

The answer to your question re the cancer group involves matters those of us working on these kinds of problems are forced to deal with on an almost-daily basis. Readers are often unaware that writers working to expose the "real matrix" are generally not paid for their work. Sites like NWV and LRC operate on a shoestring budget funded exclusively by reader donations. What little is left of the freedom movement (and the anti-NWO movement) in this society has no Ford Foundation or Rockefeller Foundation in the background.

I happen to have concluded that most cancer prevention and probably at least some cures as well involve primarily diet (nutrition), getting plenty of exercise, and the like. I attempted to get this into the report where I could (although a lot of the report itself involved just compilations of cancer statistics to indicate which populations seemed to have the most problems with which cancers). The group I was with involved people who also believed this and tried to integrate it into their overall presentation. The man who began the group and did all the legwork to raise money is a former professor who left the university setting because he did not believe he could accomplish what he wanted to accomplish in that environment. We worked together on a project involving systems theory; I have been attempting to sort out where it can prove helpful and where it is vulnerable to abuse. But we had little choice except to work with state agencies, other professors, etc., most of whom have far more conventional beliefs. Otherwise there would have been no grant money, no research network, and no jobs for guys like myself. Like it or not, without resources very little can be accomplished, which is why all the genuine freedom-oriented think tanks are constantly sending out materials begging readers to send contributions. Without money their doors close and their websites eventually get taken down.

As it was, the CDC pulled the plug on our group after one year. Everyone without very good connections was out looking for new funding sources (or, in my case, new work) the next week. For all practical purposes the group no longer exists.

There are Libertarians whose views are so uncompromising that they claim that driving on public roads and Interstate highways is fundamentally objectionable. This is absurd (Rothbard wrote something on this long ago, now on the LRC site)! You cannot live without making compromises, unless you want to end up living under a bridge somewhere. The problem is: which compromises is one to make, and for how long, especially given that a lot of companies are now administering "personality profiles" to prospective employees for "fit." Somehow, I managed to get through most of this screening to obtain a telephone-slave job for part of the second half of 2004 (after several months of seeking work).

It's taken me two years to get back into even steady part-time teaching! Many of my former friends (including Libertarians who do not believe the NWO really exists) are no longer supporting my efforts to find employment.

To a large degree, the NWO elites and their army of oblivious servants both in government and in companies have us over a barrel unless we can organize better and do more to expose what's really going on.

See Heidi Cappadocia's (sp.?) recent article or Betty Freauf's latest article on this week's NWV.

Have you considered making a donation to the NWV site, to help it survive?

I hope this responds adequately to your question.

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