Monday, January 17, 2005


With this post, Steven Yates has rejoined the bloggosphere. This is intended to be more of an electronic archive than a blog, however. While no doubt I will have an occasional rant to put here, I receive huge quantities of information each day, much of which I cannot print and save if for no other reason than lack of any good place to put it. An electronic archive might be the best place for it. And what is most worth archiving? The struggles continue against control of higher education by the politically correct hard left, and with organizations like FIRE and Accuracy in Academia, as well as individuals such as David Horowitz and Dr. Christina Jeffrey, things are looking better today than they were a few years ago. Leftists are being embarrassed into relinquishing total control of the academic stage. There are also science-religion questions, some of them spurred by my recent discovery—I wasn’t going to get it from the mainstream science press, after all—that so-called big bang cosmology has collapsed, having faced empirical refutation. This leaves many of our ideas about the age of the universe up for grabs. Perhaps we live in a quite young universe after all—as the Bible intimates! There are other philosophical issues, such as the reasonability of apriorism in epistemology—an interest of mine since realizing a number of years ago that Descartes’s reasoning to the cogito contains a logical error. (Have other philosophers detected this? Does anyone care? These are the questions I will explore when I read a shortened version of my paper “Descartes and Methodological Doubt: Was the Cogito Necessary?” at the South Carolina Society for Philosophy Meeting at Furman University near the end of February.

This, though, is not the Major Problem of our time. The United States of America was founded to be a Constitutional republic. Yet it has developed into a system encouraging various forms of dependency, whether the dependency is that of the welfare state, dependency on a job one hates but is afraid to leave because there are no other jobs, or simply dependency on technology no one but the geeks who programmed it really understands. The Major Problem of our time: is it possible to stop the continued rise to power of the New World Order? By the New World Order I mean the coterie of international bankers and financiers, internationalist-leaning politicians and bureaucrats of the sort that fill the Council on Foreign Relations in this country and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Great Britain (the Bilderburgers on continental Europe), and the entire network of internationalist organizations beginning with the UN and moving on down to the local Chambers of Commerce, many of whose members do not realize they are promoting an agenda that will eventually undermine U.S. sovereignty. The twin-aims of the New World Order: world government, and the production of populations that will submit to living under a world government. The world government would be authoritarian, not Constitutionally-based. Our own government has “evolved” from its Constitutional base to the point where we can say that it differs only in matters of small degree from all other governments that have ever existed. Nearly all have been totalitarian systems of one form or another. Nearly all have been led by opportunists who wrote the rules to benefit themselves, to ensure the continuity of their own power. Today, in the halls of Congress, the primary aim is the next election, not the good of the country (or one’s constituency).

In short, IT'S HAPPENING HERE! Our one-time Constitutional republic is in the verge of becoming a police state. We are very close to being given national IDs--see below. So much for, "It can't happen here." We are very close to seeing official Congressional approval of the next so-called "free trade" agreement, the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which would unify the economies of most of the Western hemisphere under a globalist bureaucracy that could trump the U.S. Constitution. President George W. Bush is all for the FTAA; so was John Kerry. It has very few opponents in the centers of power, although Ron Paul (R-Tx) is one. He opposes it on the correct grounds that it is not a genuine free trade agreement. You do not need a mammoth, multi-thousand page tome to have free trade, but you do need such a volume to have micromanaged trade involving the World Trade Organization, environmentalist pressure groups, etc., all of which will favor huge multinational corporations and help put more little people out of business, so that they may work at temp jobs or as clerks or at whatever else they can find.

The New World Order, of course, may collapse amidst the financial chaos precipitated by a dream world of economic theory in which wealth may be generated out of thin air via central banking and government printing presses, and in which all peoples may live for today and pay for it tomorrow (this is called living on credit). Its collapse, at this point, would plunge the entire globe into the worst depression in history.

There is more, much more, which we will come to in due time. To frame some of the discussion: my two most recent publications on the web are The Real Matrix and National ID Red Alert. The former is a seven-part discourse on the rise of the New World Order—or to use Terry Hayfield’s term, the Permanent Revolution—and the fantasy world comparable to the world of the movie The Matrix woven to hide the truth. The latter exposes one of the dangers facing a population of Americans who are going to be given the electronic equivalent of cattle brands if they do not wake up.

Projects underway:

*a review of Bruce Shortt’s recent book The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, written from an evangelical Christian point of view and explaining why Christian parents should remove their children from government schools at once. Of course, the dumbing down of America is part of the preparation of a population that either won't mind sacrificing the Constitution in the name of security to live under a global government, or won't care.

*a follow-up to The Real Matrix, based on correspondence between myself and Terry Hayfield on the nature of the Permanent Revolution. In my article I neglected the Fabian Society, which stands at equal if not greater importance than those groups and entities I did discuss. The Fabians believed in gradualism, and may be behind the build-up of global capitalism, so-called, which under the collectivist ethic being promoted in the government schools and throughout society, can be expected to evolve into global socialism. Hayfield’s startling thesis: real communism (in the sense Marx originally intended that term to be used) has not come yet, and still represents the greatest danger we face. Real communism would be the intent of the New World Order.

It may be worth noting that many of these entries will be written by authors other than myself. In each case I will credit the author and also provide, where possible, the URL where the original may be found.

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