Monday, February 21, 2005

Could This Be What Homeschooling Parents Are In For???

This, today, from Nelson Waller:

Something ghastly has happened....that is an instant cause célèbre for anybody looking for some bureaurats to bust. The story you're about to read is merely the latest link in a long train of abuses by a police department drunk with power and apparently high on SPLC hate material. And the news may almost seem humdrum in a world rife with headlines about terror perpetrated by the fedgov, UN et al....but it's patently shocking. Our people would do well to publicize it and encourage homeschoolers, Constitutionalists, Christians and others nationwide to get after the department in question.

The event itself is freaky enough. But the lack of coverage and response is the scariest thing.

Simpsonville, S.C. is quiet old town full of storybook fram houses. It's rapidly growing in population and pretense along with most such areas in Greenville County. A railroad track runs through the downtown and gives the impression that trouble and strife rode out on it a long time ago. Walk one block away from this track in either direction and you are in the country. But Police State USA is quietly, rapidly gaining a foothold in all manner of unlikely locales, and this is one of them.

Last September I wrote up for the Nationalist Times website ( the story of Simpsonville resident Patrick A. Tyndall and his two confrontations with police in the town park over his and another man's campaigns for public office. We called it The Ten-Minute First-Amendment War. Send me SASE for free copy (29622-2368). At this time the fuzz have gone from trying to stomp the First Amendment to holocausting home-schooled youth and their moms.

As you read this story, ponder that it is (so far as we can tell) the only coverage there has been on this matter! At the huge Greenville News' website -- nothing. other TV stations sites -- nothing. In the church pulpits of the county Sunday -- nothing. You folks in this area, what are we going to do about it?

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