Friday, February 18, 2005

Evangelical Christians and the Bush War

A lot of Evangelical Christians voted for George W. Bush, supporting what is in effect the country's mainstream (rising New World Order) instead of taking their chances with an independent such as Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party. I believe they will end up disappointed and disillusione--if they are thinking. For Bush will use his "mandate" only to expand the reach of the state, just as Bill Clinton did. Back then, there was organized opposition. It didn't exactly set the world afire, and many of its assumptions were wrong, but it was opposition. Today there is little organized opposition to the rising New World Order, although there is always hope that might change.

In his latest article, Stephen W. Carson examines Christian arguments in defense of the Iraq War and of interventionist U.S. foreign policy generally, and obliterates them, one at a time. It would be nice if Evangelical Christians read this article and begin to come to their senses.

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