Saturday, February 12, 2005

National ID - Recommended Readings

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt: "Refuse the National I.D. Card." Her work is valuable for its having exposed the union or alliance between the power elites of Communism (which contrary to what is asserted in the "Real Matrix" is not dead) and those of Capitalist America.

Ron Paul (R-Tx): "A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform." Our elites couldn't care less if uncontrolled immigration ruins the culture; their long-term goal is to make of America a third world nation. Unplug from the "Real Matrix" and read why Ron Paul opposes H.R. 418, the "Real ID Act."

I do not see how we can avoid eventually having to undertake acts of civil disobedience that will doubtlessly land some of us in jail--as political prisoners, people who have gone to prison because they acted on their beliefs which were contrary to those in power rather than because they committed real crimes (murder, theft, assault, and so on). Political prisoners can be found somewhere in any totalitarian regime, which is what America is becoming--however slowly, however unreported by our controlled media and however unnoticed by our masses, victims of the National Dumb Down for which government schools are responsible.

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