Monday, February 21, 2005

The New World Order (or Permanent Revolution): Questions and Answers

This takes the form of a series of questions and answers on the topic of the New World Order. The original version came yesterday courtesy of W.B.A.; I have added a few lines here and there to his account where I thought it necessary or beneficial. The expression Permanent Revolution I have from Terry Hayfield (although the idea goes to Trotsky and to the Fabian Socialists who predate the Rhodes-Milner Round Table groups).

(1) How is the United States of America being gradually destroyed?

It is being destroyed slowly but deliberately by the leadership of a relatively small group that may be designated as "the Globalists" or "the Global Elite" (which includes the "Davos culture" and others), all in high places or very well positioned mostly behind the scenes, whose long range goal has been to bring about the New World Order--which Terry Hayfield calls the Permanent Revolution, the goal of which is the establishment of World Communism as originally conceived by Karl Marx. The phrase New World Order was of course used and made popular by President George H.W. Bush back in 1990 just before he launched the first Iraq War, though he neither invented the phrase nor introduced it into our political lexicon. Also in use is the phrase "Global Governance." This is all bad news for Americans, because it means replacing what used to be our free and sovereign Constitutional Republic with a socialist / Communist One World Dictatorship, pieces of which are already in place. Like the frog in hot water story, the pot has been heating up so slowly that few realize how far this process has progressed. Most remain in ignorance, courtesy of government schools and the controlled mainstream news media, whose familiar voices and talking heads are never allowed to expose what the Globalists are doing to us.

(2) Who are those that seek this, and why?

The problem is that in any human group, there is a minority that becomes addicted to a fascination with power. There is no reason to believe that this is exclusively a modern phenomenon. Go back over 4,000 years to the world of Genesis. Nimrod, the "mighty hunter before the Lord," built the Tower of Babel having already built the first known global Empire in an attempt to reach Heaven. Presumably, the builders of the Tower of Babel expected to prosper for their efforts to "do things their way." The Lord saw differently, of course, and dispersed them with a confusion of languages--"the earth divided." Now, in the newest land of Globalism, they have a new European Union Parliament building in Strasbourg, France, built to look like the original Tower of Babel! They are actually seeking for the one who will be their leader! The addiction to power, along with simple greed, is the common denominator; the struggle on the part of the few who are fascinated by power to control everyone else continues--and they have created a system being carried forward by its own momentum. They must extend their reach, or the system collapses from within. Radical Corporatist Capitalism (not to be confused with original, Laissez-Faire Capitalism) emphasizes the consolidation of wealth and power over the servicing of markets, and so merges naturally into Globalist Socialism, characterized by having fully collectivized every area of society. Once all vestiges of individualism, independence of thought, Christian belief, original laissez-faire capitalism and Constitutionally limited government have been eradicated, Socialism becomes Communism (in theory, of course). One of the results is that the Biblical concept of a just and loving God is replaced by a Godless tyranny, where the only human rights can come from the Omnipotent State. This process arguably began with the UN Charter and more recently, the European Union Charter. Neither acknowledges or recognizes God. Our Constitutional Republic was rooted in our concept of "One Nation, Under God." This is why it must be destroyed if the Permanent Revolution is to take place and the Communistic New World Order established.

(3) What is it that the Globalists really want?

Two things. (a) World Government--Communism as envisioned by Karl Marx. (b) A population that will accept living under World Government, either because they have been too dumbed down to have any idea what is going on, or are too distracted by entertainment and trivia to care what is going on, or because they are too "busy, busy, busy" in their low-paying service sector jobs to have time to care or to do anything to stop it. The first (a) envisions gradually controlling both governments and multinational corporations, merging the activities of the two through "public-private partnerships." The second (b) envisions a controlled population of mostly sheep, many of them fearful of losing whatever work they have, where dissidents will eventually simply not be allowed to exist. Most likely the latter will not be shot or imprisoned but simply find themselves unable to earn their livings legally, the goal being to indirectly coerce conformity and compliance.

(4) Who are the Prime Movers of the New World Order today?

They include the New York based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the London based Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA). They include the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. They include what Samuel Huntington calls the "Davos Culture." They include the Fabian Socialists, who go back to the 1880s. They may well include supersecret groups such as Skull and Bones. They surely include the movers and shakers in the UN, and the countless groups working to implement Agenda 21, the bible of the Sustainable Development movement. Doubtless there are other groups as well, including some naive souls who do not even know they are involved because they do not know who they are really working for, or what the final goal is. They operate on all three levels: locally, nationally, and internationally (think of that old '60s phrase, "think globally, act locally"). This includes the controlled White House. The CFR was founded in 1921 following the refusal of the U.S. Senate to support the League of Nations--the Globalists' first attempt to set up World Government. Focus just on the CFR. The man in the street barely knows of it, even though every President since Roosevelt has been surrounded by CFR members. Top leaders in every area of modern life, from banking and other large businesses or industries to military to education to media, are CFR members. This is kept very quiet. That is the way the Globalists want it. David Rockefeller Sr. is one of the supreme leaders of this movement. Allegedly he thanked leading members of the mainstream media at a Bilderburg meeting in Europe for their silence. The CFR has a membership list, updated annually as new recruits are invited on board. You do not apply to join; the CFR comes to you. Membership, that is, is by invitation only. To the extent the CFR is mentioned at all in the media, it is as just another respected think tank without any special power. To speak negatively of the CFR is unhealthy to one's job and career. It is to be labeled a "conspiracy theorist" and therefore a nut. The Rockefellers, meanwhile, clearly long ago became the most powerful family in the country. John D. Rockefellers Sr. and Jr. founded the General Education Board which began the very first phase of the National Dumb Down. They donated the land on which the UN building was built, and it was a committee from the CFR that wrote the UN Charter under the leadership of Communist Alger Hiss, starting in 1941. The present Republican White House is essentially a front for the Globalists (CFR, Bilderburg, Fabian Socialism), as was its predecessor, Bill Clinton's Democrat White House. Carroll Quigley, who was one of the Insiders in academe, wrote openly in Tragedy and Hope that the two dominant parties should be as much alike as possible, so that voters "could 'throw the rascals out' without leading to any profound changes in policy," meaning that the country continues in its course toward Globalism / World Communism regardless of which dominant party controls either the White House or Congress. Although the sheep go to the polls and vote every four years, for all practical purposes we have a One Party system, that of the "CFR / Bilderburg / Fabian Socialist Party."

(5) What is the FTAA?

This deal has been quietly cooking in Globalist circles since 1994 (the year the North American Free Trade Agreement--NAFTA--went into effect). FTAA stands for Free Trade Area of the Americas. But like NAFTA and the European Union, the FTAA has little to do with genuine free trade, which has not existed in the industrialized world now in over 100 years. The FTAA is about merging the United States of America with all other 33 countries in the Western Hemisphere in a new centralized, bureaucratic monstrosity that will supervene over them all. It is expected to be called the American Union. (Are you thinking: akin to the old Soviet Union???) It sets up a new governing body to preside over the entire Western Hemisphere. A document entitled The Declaration of Quebec City, signed after a conference there in April of 2001, shows in Globalist / UN lingo that the FTAA will involve far more than trade. It will mean the complete end of our Constitutional Republic: courtesy of our controlled U.S. Congress and Senate who will "ratify" the document and our controlled White House whose inhabitant will sign into law a measure that will, in effect, render the U.S. Constitution as obsolete as the Magna Carta. Aside from Ron Paul (R-TX), very few of our Congresscritters can be expected to stand by the Constitution. The 60 or so members of the little-known Socialist Caucus will surely vote to end the reign of the Constitution.

The FTAA is scheduled for a vote sometime in 2005--by December of this year!

(6) How do we reconcile President Bush's talk of "freedom" in all this?

Read George Orwell. Black has become white. Freedom has become slavery. Talk of freedom sounds good, and is lapped up by a gullible, poorly-educated public most of whom graduated from our dumbed-down government schools. This isn't to be blamed on any one President such as George W. Bush or even his powerful father. Had he not indicated his willingness to cooperate, neither would have been allowed to advance to candidacy for the White House. So he can stand before the television cameras, take a solemn oath on the Bible to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America--all cosmetics, no substance. Of course, if this account really corresponds to the true state of affairs and if the God of the Bible really is alive, well, and watching, something will eventually give. The Old Testiment reveals that entire nations were punished because of bad kings and judges.

(7) Why plunge into enormous debt?

Much of today's debt is due to Globalists' having spent decades pursuing economic theories that do not work (Keynes being the primier example). But more specifically, much of today's skyrocketing debt is related to the so-called War On Terror. About $200 billion, so far. As a saying goes, whenever the Government declares war on anything, put your hands over your head and run for cover. (On second thought, keep one hand firmly lodged on your wallet!)

If we could profit through the deal the (private) Federal Reserve Banking System has as it collects the interest for shuffling Government paper through its offices, wouldn't life be wonderful?! Instead (since real wealth cannot be pulled out of thin air) we must pay for their sweetheart arrangement! They and their agents have played a powerful role in initiating and then bankrolling wars, where they first create and then destroy and then rebuild a nation like Iraq. But also, we believe the Globalists need an America brought to its knees by crippling debt, mass bankruptcy, fear and turmoil, so that in our dismay and fear for the future we will turn to them and receive the "salvation" of their Globalist schemes. This, of course, further explains the National Dumb Down. No free and properly educated citizen in his right mind would give up what we once had for today's Corporatist / Socialist looming disaster. Just to make sure that dissidents and disgruntled souls can be effectively taken care of, however, the Globalists now have their Department of Homeland Security (which you can be sure was in the planning stages well before the Sept 11 attacks), the USA Patriot Acts I and II, the federalization and militarization of police forces around the country, organizations such as FEMA, BATF, etc., to handle "rabblerousers." The Globalists and their minions are smart people. Dumb people do not get Rhodes Scholarships, for example, and are not appointed to high positions in Government or Big Business or in controlled police forces--or the CFR. The Globalists have thought of almost everything.

(8) What are our chances of halting and then reversing our march to the New World Order / World Communism?

Given both the consolidation of power that is the legacy of just the past ten years alone and the National Dumb Down, less than fifty-fifty. The Globalists have ensured themselves the legal authority to do as they please, most everywhere in the world. Appeals to the Constitution in open court guarantee nothing; federal judges, in fact, have thrown people in jail on contempt charges for citing chapter and verse of the U.S. Constitution in their own defense. The President could declare a State of Emergency that will turn our "terrorism threat level" to red instantly and keep it there, for however long it takes to repress an organized group of dissidents. Should we reach this point, it is unlikely that the Globalists will be stopped without open violence and bloodshed, and of course there are few guarantees of winning that way given the obvious firepower the Globalists' militarized police will have at their disposal. All we can do is attempt to educate the public, one person at a time, one group at a time, making as much haste as we can, so that things do not advance to that point! This means--above almost everything else!--supporting alternative forms of education such as homeschooling and private schools. We absolutely must build up a critical mass of educated citizens who can think logically and write effectively, whose knowledge of history is informed and accurate, whose knowledge of what liberty is and what the conditions are for maintaining it are unsurpassed, and whose grasp of economics is sufficiently effective that they could earn their livings operating in the "underground economy" for however long they deem it necessary. A critical mass of such citizens is a mass that would cause the Globalists to retreat, saying nervously, "We can't possibly throw every one of these people in jail!" Or shoot them. Or force them into conditions of starvation. It is useful to remember that the Globalists do fear exposure. This is why such effort is made to prevent the public airing of "conspiracy theories," which are available chiefly on the World Wide Web which has so far proven impossible to centralize and control. They have had close calls before (the rise of the George Wallace movement in the South back in the late 1960s and early 1970s was one). There are a lot more of us than there are of them. Turning back this tide is therefore not impossible, however unlikely it may seem.

(9) What about Bush's 9/11 Investigation Commission?

The first person picked was Henry Kissinger (CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc., etc.). Kissinger's record, viewed from the standpoint of U.S. interests, is an unmitigated disaster! He made himself "intelligence czar" under Nixon. He was in charge of all disarmament, and recommended that the U.S. seek the best deal with the Soviets to save our necks--undoubtedly a hoax, as was much of the "cold war" itself (with Globalist bankers behind both Communism Soviet Union style and Capitalism Corporatist style). His appointment to the Commission by Bush did it for me, as far as intent and integrity goes. Although Kissinger and George Mitchell resigned, the majority of the rest are all CFR, of course. And now Bush has appointed John Negroponte to be the latest "intelligence czar." Go here. It all adds up. The Commission developed the answers that fit the data they wanted released (and to say it clearly, an independent minded person need do less than a half-hour of research on the World Wide Web to realize that the Bush Regime not only knew in advance that the 9/11 attacks were coming but very possibly knew the exact date!).

(10) What Gimmick was used to start the Iraq War, and other places? What was the real goal of the Iraq War?

We pretty much remember the rubbish about "weapons of mass destruction," Saddam's "failure to conform to UN resolutions," etc., ad nauseam, that led up to March 2003. Lies and distortions, and America's soldiers have paid the price (over a thousand dead and thousands more wounded, with thousands of Iraqis dead or wounded). We also know, if we have studied history, that the pretext that led to the Vietnam War, the supposed Gulf of Tonkin incident, was a fabrication. It didn't happen! Roosevelt not only knew in advance that the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming but actually helped plan it by having manuevered Japan into an impossible position. (And those on the front lines weren't even warned! It is characteristic of those who have wielded real power for the past 100 years to regard people's lives as expendable!)

Hitler used the same tactics, staging attacks by his thugs on German government facilities and then blaming "communists."

Lies are no less effective today!

But what was the real goal of the Iraq War? Oil? This was part of it, but not the whole story. Regime's like Saddam Hussein's (once an ally before his existence became inconvenient) are simply not compatible with the New World Order desired by the Globalists. They are too nationalistic. They prefer to go their own way, instead of adopting "Western" ways (materialism). The same is true--frighteningly enough--of Islamic regimes like the one in Iran, and probably the one in North Korea, which clearly does have "weapons of mass destruction" which is why the Globalists handle Kim Jong-Il with kid gloves. Islam and the New World Order are on collision course, no less than Christianity and the New World Order have long been on collision course. A "democracy" in Iraq, however maintained (and likely to be maintained at U.S. expense), will provide a foothold for the New World Order in the Middle East. Once one remembers that the Globalist goal is to bring as much of the world as possible under its direct control, so that not just oil but all of the world's resources may be controlled, the rest falls into place.

(11) What is needed for Americans to accept World Government?

To continue the National Dumb Down which has already produced mass illiteracy in every crucial subject area, not to mention public drunkenness on sports and other forms of mass entertainment. The National Dumb Down has kept the last three decades of college graduates from understanding the truth about their own Constitutional heritage. To be continually lied to by the controlled mainstream media and to believe the lies. To be continually kept in a state of fear, being bombarded daily by threats of terrorism on U.S. soil (possibly eventually including attacks that could be real or staged for the purpose)--as the Federal Government continues to keep our borders open so that bona fide terrorists may cross along with the thousands of illegal alients entering our country every day from Mexico. To be continually kept "busy, busy, busy" in low-paying "service sector" jobs that leave the average person with no time or space or mental energy or freedom to think, assuming that ability has not been "educated" out of him courtesy of his government school.

(12) So what is the answer?

Go back and read the response to question (8). Read everything written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, John Taylor Gatto, Joan Veon, Beverly Eakman, Terry Hayfield, and of course myself--as well as the works of the enemy (beginning with understanding Marx's thought and going all the way up through UN documents such as Agenda 21). Recognize that the "collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union" was most likely a carefully orchestrated hoax, led by the Globalist Mikhail Gorbachev. Working closely behind the scenes with Ronald Reagan and bankrolled by Ford Foundation money, Soviet and American Globalists produced a "fusion" of American and Soviet educational systems--see Iserbyt's writings on this point. Communism is not dead! But as Terry Hayfield recently put it, "If Communism is dead, then no one will notice if it is being instituted in America." It is being instituted via the progressive collectivization of the workplace and of the population generally--ranging from the mind control of political correctness to the "enterprize zones" that control businesses and hence the job market. Recognize that if you are "too smart" you will not find a job that makes use of your real skills--but telephone-slave jobs (job openings for "customer service representatives") are everywhere!

Then accept the Christian theist view of the universe, which informs us that when all is said and done, this is still God's world. He will get the last laugh. Accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, recognizing that He paid the price for man's (i.e., your) sins. Read your Bible, beginning with John's Gospel and then proceeding to Matthew's Gospel. "The Truth will set you free!"

Then recognize that given the trajectory our nation has followed; given how we have systematically turned from Him, removed Him from textbooks and classrooms, it may not be His will that this country survives the next generation intact. But given that none of us can know this, we may recall the relevant verses in Hebrews and move forward with our own agenda for the brand of independent education necessary to achieve that critical mass. It is important to remember that the New World Order / Permanent Revolution is all about control: mind control alongside financial control. The antidote is freedom for the mind and financial freedom! Let us waste no more time!

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