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Bush and His Idea of Democracy

This comes courtesy of Kathy (badkut@argolink.net). It is rather long, and there is no link to the document so far as I can tell, and it doesn't really dig deeply enough, i.e., it doesn't connect what has become the official foreign policy of this country with the builders of the New World Order, but this essay is nevertheless worth reading as incisive commentary on where we are going. It is definitely happening here!

Bush and his idea of democracy - government by the barrel of a gun

March 10, 2005

Bush and his idea of democracy - government by the barrel of a gun
by Ed Lewis [elewis@shighway.com]

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?"
~~Thomas Jefferson

Folks, there is a matter that the American people should put into perspective. This is prompted by the comment of a lady cashier that made the statement, "Well, at least the Iraqis are free now."

Let us say that 18,000,000 Chinese top troops entered the united States of America, after bombing its cities and towns with thousands of bombs, shells, and missiles.

Let us also say that anti-personnel mass murdering type armaments were used, such as cluster bombs and the like, along with a devastating long-term nuclear weapon of mass destruction - deplete uranium shells.

The reason for the invasion - China had decided that the Bush Regime is the leading terrorist organization in the world, the leading country of the axis of evil formed by the US, Britain, and Israel - and that it indoctrinates and then uses ordinary Americans as its killing machine, while spreading its madness around the world.

The Chinese then begins rounding up thousands of US Military, slaughtering those that do not flee, or placing them in prisons to be tortured at their will. This continues until the leaders of the US war machine flee or hide so well that the Chinese cannot find them, except sporadically.

Then, the 18,000,000 foreign troops stay in the U.S. of A. killing thousands more of its people, while searching for alleged "terrorists" (the hidden military/politico leaders), which to the Americans are the freedom fighters fighting against Chinese occupation of their land.

Entire families are wiped out, as the military from China is allowed to do just about anything it wants, from torture to maiming to torture and maiming followed by murder of any American that disagrees with China's purpose - to free the American people and the world from a horrible government and axis of evil.

One of our people sees his next-door neighbor holding the head of one of his children, the body missing as it was shredded into hamburger-like meat by a cluster bomb. He sees his neighbor's family literally gutted by the Chinese that thought maybe there was a terrorist in his neighbor's house.

He walks to what was uptown, and hundreds of bodies torn apart by "smart" bombs and other mass murdering weapons used by the Chinese invaders have created pools of blood and putrefying human flesh that can hardly be avoided.

The flies are ecstatic, and buzz around with the excitement of the blood bath.

As he walks along, he meets his friend, Joe, who watched his own family blown to bits as they ate their meager meal. Pieces of their bodies still cling to his clothes.

As they walk absorbed and in near shock by what they have witnessed, and the horrible atrocities carried out by the Chinese, they approach a checkpoint manned by trigger-happy Chinese military and mercenaries (contractors) the Chinese government hired to do much of the "policing", or killing.

The two Americans do not understand Chinese and the commands made by the Chinese troops or the murder for hire mercenaries. They continue approaching using hand signals to try and tell the Chinese they do not understand.

Suddenly, the plight of Joe and - let's call the other Georgie Boy - is relieved. The Chinese respond by firing 400 rounds into the two men's bodies, leaving the remains of the bodies where they fell, a delight to the gathering flies, but atrocious to any human being with any respect and compassion for his fellow man.

Eventually, such carnage causes increasing numbers of freedom fighters - to the Chinese these freedom fighters are "insurgents" and/or "terrorists" - to begin increasing almost exponentially. Attacks against the occupying Chinese and those helping them increase in number, intensity, and effectiveness.

Let us say that Kansas City - basically a "country town" at heart - reacts most strongly against the Chinese occupation and begins attacking the Chinese, killing many of its troops with homemade bombs, small arms, and eventually with acquisitioned weapons from Chinese military units.

So what do the Chinese do? Why, they flatten Kansas City, killing nearly every human that does not leave the city before the carnage begins. Even many of those leaving are wiped out at check points manned by crazed with the blood lust Chinese.

Buildings that were homes and businesses are left as nothing more than piles of unidentifiable rubble, mixed with the blood, tissue, and blown out organs of Americans that fought back.

Americans under the occupation began yelling we have the right to determine our own destiny, not China. We are God's children they yell. Freedom fighters begin organizing into a more powerful and effective militia against Chinese occupation.

Churches and faith are blamed partly for the increase so church after church is leveled to the ground with any occupants reduced to fly food. Not to worry the Chinese, though, as these deaths are just "collateral damage" that means nothing to the overall effort to affect regime change in the united States of America.

China hides from its people the truth in the numbers being killed. The reporting of the slaughter by its military is hidden from public scrutiny so that the Chinese people and others believing the spin made by Chinese leadership and its hired PR teams continue to believe the invasion was just and righteous.

Media personnel who attempt to show and tell the truth are targeted for erasure from the public's mind, usually by death, but also by threats against them and their loved ones.

The Chinese say you will do it our way or we will continue killing opposition to our plan for world peace until you succumb to our demands. Our troops have carte blanche permission and orders to kill any and all that oppose us. You are either with us or against us, and if you are against us, then we will smash you, killing all you know and love.

It is a new world, and we will guide the world to becoming a better place. We Chinese only want peace and prosperity for every man, woman, with no child left behind. We know best and you better damn well accept it.

We are here to help you, and we will do so by putting in men of less than desirable traits in positions of government to command you, as we realize leadership must be ruthless if the world is to live in peace. You can vote but if it does not match what we want, then it will not count.

You will be governed as we - the Chinese - see fit and you have no say-so in it because if you are not with us, you are terrorists acting against us, and must, therefore, be killed.

We will monitor every form of communication and if you speak out, we will arrest you for inciting riots, ship you out as a terrorist to be tortured or secretly killed and cut up into dog food or whatever we want.

You will comply as we have the mightiest army on earth and we control the money, which gives us the power to control you and make sure you do things our way.

The death toll rises to millions of Americans killed defending their homes and families. The Chinese keep labeling the fighters as "insurgents" and/or "terrorists", but we in America know the Chinese are the insurgents and terrorists, while the American people are the freedom fighters.

Insurgency that is in reality the fighters for freedom rises with no end in sight to the carnage wrought upon the American people by the Chinese. The Chinese continue with the lame vow to free the American people of oppression, forcing the Chinese way of life upon the American people.

Chinese leaders laud themselves as "freeing Americans of oppression" as the Chinese government sees it - its way or no way, in other words.

I apologize to the Chinese. It could well be the Chinese and Russians, or the Chinese, Russians, and Middle East, a coalition. I use it only because it has the manpower (2 billion strong) and the weaponry to do exactly to us what we are doing to the Iraqis, the Afghanis, and soon to do to other countries under the madman, Bush, and the madmen controllers - the neocons.

Granted, the U.S. could retaliate when the Iraqis (nor Afghanis) could not following twelve years of decimation by US embargos and sanctions against Iraq. Bush with his normal level of courage - none - invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, countries that were essentially defenseless against the military armaments of the US Government, Inc.

I used 18,000,000 troops invading the u.S. of A. because Iraq had about one twelfth the population of the united States of America. We have 150,000 troops there continuing to kill and maim, after killing and maiming for more than a year, so 12 times 150,000 is 18,000,000 (18 million for those of you so dummied down you cannot read larger numbers).

Stop and think, Folks. Would you consider yourself free if at any moment foreign invaders could destroy your home or business or both, or break in killing any that look at them crossly - or do not look at all - or just for the fun of it while satisfying their blood lust to kill the dehumanized human beings they confront - the so-called "enemy"?

Would you consider yourself free from tyranny with armed troops, armored vehicles loaded with foreign troops, and bands of secret police patrolled your neighborhood, with orders to shoot any that might be conceived as being against the occupation?

Most of us would not, although one would never know it based on the number of armed law enforcers that wander amongst us imposing rules that are not law on us.

Human freedom may come from the end of the barrel of a gun, so to speak, but no government will ever wield the weapons of freedom. Such has never happened in the history of the world. Always without fail the weapons of freedom will be wielded by the people taking up arms against governments intent on oppressing all human dignity and the right to determine one's destiny for one's self.

Government applied control over people cannot support human freedom, because government soon gets as out of control as the government known as the United States Inc., and your local greedy governments. The more out of control they get, the less public/civil servants can abide with people living in liberty or freedom.

Government, therefore, is - and will always be - the enemy of human freedom. Men (and women) are weak and easily influenced by greed and lust for power - and the whole of the seven deadly sins - particularly when they face no retribution for their tyrannies.

You must understand. Madmen such as Bush - mad from his own lifetime of his self-perceived incompetence and mad with the power the neocons have illegally given him by putting him in the highest office of trust in the land - and the balance of the governments existing within the united States of America cannot accept that liberty of human beings is and will always be -

To not be under the control of government.

The writer hopes this has helped put into perspective the terrible tragedies we have allowed Bush in our name to do to the Afghanis and Iraqis, but mostly the Iraqis at this time. A dirty rotten liar and incompetent that should never have been allowed to leave Crawford, let alone Texas, has decimated their countries.

Actually, it is probably not him, as he is nothing but a lackey - a twisted spokesman and fall guy - for the neocons, Zionists, IMF, and the other Satanists and evildoers that want to rule all people and the world, but, as maybe FDR said, the buck stops here, meaning the Oval Office.

At any rate, if this hasn't helped put our crimes against the Iraqis in perspective, it doesn't really matter because one day the awful truth is going to hit the people of the united States of America with a reality suffered by other people of the world that is currently unimaginable for most people in our land.

It is the same as the Nazi onslaught against Jews that was not imagined or comprehended until too late by Germans and Jews, or the Russians under Stalin, or the American Indians by the US Government, and the other tyrannical governments that slaughtered their own people and others at will, some that still are engaged against their country's people with US support.

How foolish we are to allow it to continue.

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