Friday, March 11, 2005

This Week's Readings

We're a little behind on some of these, from my being in and out of town and away from my computer a lot. But with one exception (next entry) here are this week's best of the best:

Ron Paul argues that "tax reform is a shell game." What we ought to do is follow Lew Rockwell's advice and ask of any proposed reform: does it reduce or eliminate an existing tax? Ron Paul sets his eyes on the right enemy: government spending, which gets worse every year. See also Devvy Kidd's piece on alternative taxing schemes on today's

Ira Katz distinguishes neocons from genuine conservatives in his piece on "reactionary libertarianism," citing all the right names: Ortega y Gasset, Edmund Burke, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Jeff Tucker, Donald Livingston, with quotations I wish I'd had handy when writing Worldviews.

And speaking of Devvy Kidd, what really is behind "privatizing" Social Security? Does anyone really believe the Federal Government is going to move in the direction of allowing ordinary citizens more control over their own money, resources, and lives?! Hardly. Devvy Kidd argues that what we are looking at is the latest effort to make the Ponzi scheme work in the wake of the mounting instability caused by all the worthless Federal Reserve notes floating around: the combination of fiat money and so-called free trade is destroying the U.S. economy just a little at a time, and the politicians (and global elites) will do anything to hide this. Now to be sure, most of the public isn't paying the slightest attention, but a few are--and a few will be hit, and hit hard, when the Ponzi scheme finally does go down in flames.

John Newby's latest is also on the Federal Reserve system, and how all our tax dollars are really being funneled through it. Here are some kicker lines: "For every $1 the Federal Reserve receives, it loans $10. Where does this $10 come from? It's simply created from absolutely nothing. But the real kicker, the Fed charges interest on the entire $10, so in essence they're collecting high interest on nothing from the American people. Then to make matters worse, they artificially induce inflation to increase interest payments on that nothing. Just imagine the amount of money going into the coffers of the international cartel at our expense. The interest being received from purchases, mortgages and so forth in our country is far more than our minds can comprehend. Quite a productive scam if I might say so myself. Some might even classify this as criminal."

It all depends on maintaining the financial (and other forms of) illiteracy of the American sheeple. And some might wonder why I might maintain that the flip side of the New World Order's intensions is to create a population of sheep who will live under a world government?

Or why I maintain that getting our kids out of government schools and educating them ourselves is one of the best things we can do.

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