Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Sent out Announcement earlier this evening, and received an invitation from Jack Allis to announce it on his radio show tomorrow evening. This is probably a better option, since of the hundred-plus email addresses I sent the Announcement to, over a dozen were returned undeliverable and at least that many more were blocked by spamblockers. The latter are making Announcements sent via email less and less practical all the time.

The Announcement is that I am now in a position to begin accepting advance orders for Worldviews: Christian Theism versus Modern Materialism for $16.99 (the cover price of the final version will be $20.99, which I think is a bit steep but it is Xlibris's price, not mine). This is to get sufficient funds into the Worldviews Project account to correct the galleys and be able to pay for the corrections without exhausting that account.

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