Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Anti-CAFTA Jedi Are Still Here :-)

This was posted on www.stoptheftaa.org, and has been sent to me by several people operating independently of one another.

Help Save American Jobs and Independence by Energizing CAFTA Opposition

On May 25 House Majority Leader Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), speaking to a pro-CAFTA coalition of business organizations, advised against running ads in congressional districts over the Memorial Day recess to avoid energizing opposition to CAFTA.

Lets reverse Blunt's advice. Let's energize CAFTA opposition by advertising in congressional districts around the nation over the Memorial Day recess (May 28-June 5) and the week following (June 6-12).

The situation is this: The Bush administration, congressional leaders, and key business organizations have organized this past week for a final push to win CAFTA approval in Congress. They plan on a vote in the House in June and a vote in the Senate in July.

This is a fight we can win, if we don't let our guard down! Strong resistance has prevented the Bush administration from introducing CAFTA in Congress for more than a year. Most recently we've helped bolster that resistance, causing proponents to miss their latest target of House approval before Memorial Day.

Please join with others across the nation to strike a blow for jobs and independence:

* Energize the CAFTA opposition by arranging to air our two, 30-second STOP CAFTA! radio ads on stations in your area during the time period of May 28-June 12. The radio ads (ad 1 job losses theme; ad 2 manufacturing losses theme) can be downloaded by you or your radio station from the Resources section of STOPCAFTA.com.
* Energize your friends, family, and associates to contact Congress through use of our other campaign tools on STOPCAFTA.com, such as Will Grigg's hard-hitting, 5-minute STOP CAFTA! video clip, Will Grigg's CAFTA article, and our online letter to Congress against CAFTA.

Lets win this one!

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