Saturday, May 14, 2005

Unfiltered News From the Reality Zone

I am going to start posting these, courtesy of J. Edward Griffin, author of the well-known expose on the Federal Reserve, The Creature From Jekyll Island, among other numerous other subjects on the rise of the power elite over the past hundred-plus years and its growing control over every area of society today.

From: "G. Edward Griffin"
Date: 2005/05/13 Fri PM 08:22:03 EDT
Subject: Unfiltered News from the Reality Zone

Compiled by G. Edward Griffin
Delivered weekly (more or less)
This period: 2005 May 7 - May 13

How we select news items.

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*Stars indicate articles of archival importance worthy of printing for future reference.

Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona to make it seem that volunteer patrol is not effective.
Washington Times 2005 May 13 (Cached)

*School textbooks politically correct but scientifically wrong. Fox News 2005 May 13 (Cached)

Does Bush believe in free market? The absurdity of advocating farm work to be done by illegal aliens to keep down cost of food. World Net Daily 2005 May 13 (Cached)

Code Orange terror alerts were based on fake intelligence to build public support for political agendas. Global Research 2005 May 12 (Cached)

*Eating processed meat results in 6700% increase in pancreatic cancer risk, says new research.
News Target 2005 May 11 (Cached)

Meet The CIA's Venture Capitalist. How government influences technology development.
Business Week 2005 May 10 (Cached)

The Provocateur State; Is the CIA behind the Iraqi "insurgents"--and global terrorism?
WW4 Report 2005 May 10 (Cached)

National ID Cards Won't Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration. So what's the real purpose?
Straight Talk 2005 May 9 (Cached)

Pharmaceutical companies give more money to US politicians than from any other industry. That's why health laws favor drug companies.
USA Today Posted 2005 May 9 (Cached)

Human gene is put into rice.
Organic Consumers Posted 2005 May 8 (Cached)

Creating human animals for research.
Organic Consumers Posted 2005 May 8 (Cached)

US: The 2004 election WAS stolen. This article was spiked at the Chicago Tribune.
Common Wonders Posted 2005 May 7 (Cached)

US: Powerful response from the journalist whose above-mentioned article on election fraud was spiked. Common Wonders Posted 2005 May 7 (Cached)

US government seeks control over political thought at universities - in the name of defending free speech.
L.A. Times Posted 2005 May 7 (Cached)

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