Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Bad News on Inglis and CAFTA

The bad news is that Bob Inglis (R-SC, 4th District) will probably vote for CAFTA even though he must know that a lot of us out here find his doing so objectionable. I believe he cut a deal with someone, most likely in the Bush Administration or close to it. In our noon meeting in Spartanburg today (Let's Talk, he called it) he listened patiently while several attendees hammered him with objections about CAFTA's Constitutionality (See Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3), about how CAFTA is not really a free trade agreement but part of a long-term process eroding the sovereignty of this nation, and about how it just expands the job-destroying features of NAFTA. None of these objections seemed to faze him, although he had no answers to any of them other than, "what is the alternative, with China having 1.3 billion people working practically for free?" Of course, the same globalism (via the World Trade Organization is responsible for that particular mess.

But Jim Capo, who directs the N.C. Chapter of Citizens Committee to Stop the FTAA and has mentored the S.C. group, wrote down an Inglis quote that is definitely worth preserving. Vintage Republican politics these days:

Jim Capo: "I am of course partial, but I thought the money quote on the day from Inglis was, 'Anytime America enters into a free trade agreement, we limit our freedom...It's just like signing a mortgage though. It limits my freedom. But, I get the benefit of having a house for my kids to grow up in.' (I took notes and that was the actual quote that you can go to print with.)

"The guy is party to the sellout of our country AND our kids future and this is how he explains himself.

"Hilarious if it was not so serious.


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