Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Transforming America, More

Quite a few good articles have appeared lately, too many to post individually and most of them far too long to reproduce here in any event, so I'll post the links and allow readers (I'm assuming I have some readers) to take it from there, reading what they want and ignoring what doesn't interest them.

A good place to start is with Michael Shaw's "The Attempt to Transform the Vision of America," a brilliant summary of the insidious nature of Sustainable Development, including how its purveyors have exploited Hegelian dialectic and worked out a program that will leave Americans enslaved and basically in cages: settlements, in the language of Agenda 21 (working low-wage jobs in cubicles servicing public-private partnerships, no doubt).

Along similar lines, charting the enslavement of America, is Nancy Levant's "Globalized America - Not a Pretty Sight," which ties together steadily increasing gas prices with something the globalists want: a less mobile population.

And see today's Chuck Baldwin article, "Americans Surrendering Liberties: Shades of German History," for another side to the destruction of liberty in America via the so-called Patriot Act, being strengthened in ways very much akin to what transpired in Germany as the Nazis were just coming to power. No, the 9/11 attacks were not our Reichstag, but it might come yet, and when it does, we will be in grave danger of having Martial Law shoved in our faces. Given the sheeplike nature of the majority of America's government-school educated masses today, those who resist will have neither the media nor the sentiment of the masses on their side and will be easily incarcerated.

Dennis Cuddy outlines what was known of Mohammed Atta's background prior to the 9/11 attacks. Is anybody really going to claim that the federal government could not have stopped those attacks, or couldn't have seen them coming?

Shifting gears a little, Dr. Carolyn Dean MD exposes "How the Modern Medicine Monopoly Has Failed Us." More than that, it is killing us. (Some of the above writers have alleged, in other articles, that a behind-the-scenes effort is underway to reduce the world's population--whether by "chemtrails," a laboratory-concocted supervirus, or by some other high-tech means. There are just too many "useless eaters" for the super-elite to effectively control!)

More later, different topics.

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