Saturday, September 10, 2005

Global Tax Promoted in France

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Press Release

Jacques Chirac Puts Other People's Money Where His Mouth Is; Makes Bold Move Toward Global Tax

by Freedom Alliance

September 2, 2005

French President Jacques Chirac has made an aggressive move to support what internationalists have long demanded – a global tax. Chirac told the French government to begin taxing airline tickets in 2006. Money raised from the levy would be earmarked to fight poverty in the developing world.

France will be joined by Germany, Spain, Algeria, Brazil and Chile two weeks from now at the United Nations in calling on the world body to implement the proposal across the globe.

Statement of Tom Kilgannon, President of Freedom Alliance:

"The idea of an international tax has been around for many years. There have been proposals to tax international travel, currency transactions and other plans. Until now, they have been little more than proposals. But this week French President Jacques Chirac has put other people's money where his mouth is.

"Mr. Chirac has said this is a pilot program and he would very much like to see the United Nations have the authority to impose and collect this kind of an international tax so the United Nations does not have to be solely reliant on voluntary dues.

"The United Nations has already issued a tax on America's economy in the form of an annual assessment of 0.7 percent of gross national product. The Bush administration has resisted the UN's proposal, but has agreed to increase the percentage of GNP the U.S. donates to third world poverty.

"Chirac's airline tax should not be dismissed as a stunt. There is widespread support among European and African nations for a global tax. International NGOs will spend whatever it takes to successfully lobby for such a proposal. We must remember that the International Criminal Court became reality despite the objections of the United States. If we don't fight this proposal, what is today the idea of a crazy French socialist will tomorrow be a United Nations global tax."

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