Monday, October 10, 2005

The Coming Financial Meltdown

Read Devvy Kidd's latest, and follow her links! Having said that, don't do so tonight. Wait until broad daylight. You definitely don't want to read this before you go to bed at night. Much of Devvy's latest article, in two parts, is an anthology of quotations, but they are quotations from people who just might be reliable. And certain of them might shed some light on Peak Oil, whether it is a pernicious myth or a dangerous reality we had better face!

We should probably all be buying gold, the price of which is very likely going to go up relative to the Almighty Dollar, the value of which is almost certain to drop like a rock at some undetermined point in the near future.

PART 1 of 2
By: Devvy
October 10, 2005

Thucydides pointed out that hope is a very expensive commodity; therefore, it makes more sense to be prepared.

While financial disaster looms over the heads of Americans, bird brains in Congress waste their time diddling and playing their usual partisan games with conservatives busy fighting amongst themselves over Bush's latest Supreme Court nominee. Here's a hint as to why he picked Miss Harriett: Bush is stacking the court with no care of the long term consequences. There is more than enough solid documentation and verifiable evidence to prove prior knowledge of 9/11, the Carl Rove/White House scandals are percolating with everyone wondering what the grand jury will come back with and that Bush lied about the threat of Saddam and WMDs. While Bush cheerleaders willfully choose to remain in a state of denial, millions of others demand the truth. Miss Harriett knows where all of Bush's skeletons are buried and John Roberts knows the tricks of the trade. In my humble opinion, that's why Roberts was fast tracked and a "token" female with no bench experience, but lots of loyalty to Bush was chosen over more qualified candidates.

Read the rest here. Make sure to note the link at the bottom to Part Two or just go there from here.

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