Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is Martial Law Coming?!

I have to admit it. As much as the Clinton Team Presidency left me revolted and wanting to take a bath, the George W. Bush Regime has reached the point where it scares the living h*** out of me! I think either Bush himself wants in the worst way to say, in effect, Screw it! and declare Martial Law, or the real Ruling Class that originally put him in power wants him to do it.

If the Federal Government declares Martial Law, they won't have to worry about opposition to the FTAA or the other efforts to dissolve our borders and end our national sovereignty (go to http://www.spp.gov). They could simply arrest and jail dissidents, and keep them there. Our favorite news sites will then be shut down, and Blogs like this one will be taken down.

The real question is: if the axe falls, will We The People do anything, or will the American masses continue as they are doing now, which is to act like a bunch of well-trained sheep? What we should do, if Bush tries to declare Martial Law, is take to the streets in one loud voice of protest--enlisting local and state law enforcement on our side if it is possible to do so and just hoping they realize that this is un-American, this is wrong, wrong, wrong!!

Don't say IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, because IT'S HAPPENING HERE! Don't say you weren't warned!!


By Tom DeWeese
October 4, 2005

In typical fashion the federal government is using a real disaster to scare us into giving it more power in case an unrelated, perhaps man-made (terrorist-related), disaster might possibly occur. President Bush has announced that he wants to federalize emergency responses. When does it stop?

Katrina was the worst natural disaster to ever hit the United States. As a result, all levels of government were caught off guard. Some elected officials were most certainly inept at dealing with the situation. People suffered as a result. So, accept it for what it was. Katrina was a once in a life time experience. Now, clean up the mess and move on.

But no, according to President Bush, Katrina showed us what would happen if there was a terrorist attack in a large population center. What if we had to move whole populations in case of some toxic or nuclear attack? There’s only one answer, according to the Bush Administration. We must prepare by putting the military in charge. There’s that excuse again. Terrorism. Oh, please!

What President Bush is really telling us is that, in our next disaster, he wants to immediately declare Martial Law. How far is he willing to go to enforce it? First, he wants the Pentagon to serve as the nerve center where the response is organized. What are locally elected officials to do while the military prepares for war on their city? Are they to be involved? After all, local officials know the territory best. They know the people and their needs. Moreover, the military is trained to blow things up ­ not gently deal with citizens.

(Read the rest of this important article here.)

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