Monday, October 03, 2005

Two, From Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts on the continuing Iraq nightmare and the Bush Administration's way of convincing itself that this is something other than the biggest disaster of the decade--so far.

Bush Is Cooking Up Two More Wars
by Paul Craig Roberts
October 1, 2003

Mired in interminable conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush administration is moving toward initiating two more wars, one with Iran and one with North Korea. With no US troops available, the Bush administration is revamping US war doctrine to allow for "preventative nuclear attack." In short, the Bush administration is planning to make the US the first country in history to initiate war with nuclear weapons. The Pentagon document, "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations," calls for the use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear adversaries in order "to ensure success of US and multinational operations."

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The Greatest Strategic Disaster In US History
By Paul Craig Roberts
Creators Syndicate and
October 3, 2005

Capitol Hill Blue, the Washington, D.C., publication that cultivates relationships with White House staffers, reports one White House aide saying, "It's like working in an insane asylum. People walk around like they're in a trance. We're the dance band on the Titanic, playing out our last songs to people who know the ship is sinking and none of us are going to make it."

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