Wednesday, December 21, 2005

CAFTA: The Initial Effects

Didn't those of us who opposed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) warn that this would begin to happen? Again--for those whose skulls aren't so thick that grasping the concepts is simply beyond them--this process of orchestrated globalization is really a process of further enriching the superrich (or super elites) that will impoverish the rest of us. It will offer smaller companies like the one illustrated in the article below the Pickwickian choice of moving substantial fractions of their operations to Central America for cheap labor or go out of business, unable to afford the regulatory / IRS-imposed costs of continuing here.

Our so-called leaders, including in the Carolinas, were warned!!

CAFTA blamed for layoffs at Edenton textile plant
Associated Press
December 3, 2005

--More than 200 employees will lose their jobs at an Edenton manufacturing plant when the company moves most of its operations to Central America in the coming year.

Edenton Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton said the decision by George C. Moore Co. is the result of the recently adopted Central American Free Trade Agreement.

The first 30 of the 203 employees at the plant are expected to be laid off in April, with the remainder let go by the end of 2006, according to a company news release.

[Read the rest at the above URL--or, in case that link quits working, click here.]

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