Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Your Child Vs. Our Brave New Police State

This seems worth passing along. Who has rightful priority over your child--you or the state? Particularly when the state wants your child to take potentially dangerous but officially approved and therefore legal mind-altering drugs?

The Drugging Of Our Children
by Gary Hull

Michael Moore, Neil Bush. "A mother (Diane Booth) loses her son to government officials for refusing to put him on drugs."

I am Vincent Booth's mother. Vincent has been an inmate in a California "mental health" facility for five years. He was wrongfully apprehended from me on July 29, 1999 at age 6 without a warrant, without a court order and without an investigation, after a referral to social services from his teacher/school. Vincent was totally normal until the County of Santa Clara forced dangerous psyche meds on him. His human rights were/are terribly violated, and my due process and human rights were horribly violated. I rescued Vincent and came to Canada and applied for refugee status. Vincent was again apprehended by the FBI who returned him to the same abusive institution. I remained in Canada for a few years then returned to California and served a total of eight months for my "crime" of rescuing my own child from abuse and imminent death. No one has seen or heard from him and there are no recent reports in the court records regarding his well being.

Many reforms have been implemented. Many new laws were passed, including, The Amendment Prohibiting Forced Drugging, signed by President Bush, and the new foster care laws signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, yet Judge Leonard P. Edwards still refuses to allow me to submit evidence to the court, and he refuses to let my son testify on his own behalf! I never received the court-ordered recent photograph of my son, and the last report to the court was in 2002, and it was heavily blacked out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in exposing the FRAUD of the exploitation of children and families for profit.

Still, I have no word whether my son is alive or dead or any information concerning his well being. This is a crime against humanity.

I have numerous letters from Vincent in which he clearly states his wishes to return to his mom, yet he is denied his right to speak on his own behalf in court, although he is now 12 years old.

Please visit my website. Children as young as 2 are being ripped from their parents and placed in institutions and put on dangerous psyche meds,. Many are sexually abused and exploited. Many are missing and some are dead.

A new film documentary starring Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) and Neil Bush (The President's brother) explore the dangers of drugging by child protective services in The Drugging of Our Children.

Click on PICTURES, pages 1-4 on the web site below.

Peace and Justice,
Diane Booth,

A Voice for Children is Will Gaston's site. Will and Pamela, who passed away last year, brought together the work sui juris, which was developed fighting back after Melissa, age 7, was kidnapped and turned into a porn actress while in state custody. will's been fighting the lawyers to be allowed access to the courts. we harbor no illusions.
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