Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Andean "Free Trade" Agreement, World Economic Forum, More

Last post of the month (most likely), and again playing catch-up including keeping a promise I made to a correspondent last week and then let slide.

There are now so many of these "free trade" accords and other behind-the-scenes deals floating around it is difficult to keep track of them all; so whenever readers send me information that pushed their buttons, I find myself taking a look at it just in case something escaped my attention. In the case of the Andean Free Trade Agreement, it did. Here is the link to the main page:

The Peru/Andean Free Trade Agreement

And here is a link to an Action Alert--with a letter than can be copied and pasted and sent to our Senators and Representatives in the House. Whether that does any good or not can of course be questioned, but if we do not inform our Senators and Representatives in the House of our opinions based on the information that comes our way, they will never know that we are more than cannon fodder.


You may read this in connection with last night's post (below) where the UN came out of the closet, so to speak, with an open appeal for World Government.

Joan Veon is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, reporting original information based on first hand experience.

Will the U.N. Dip Into Your Future Salary? They sure intend to try!

Do You Want To Know the Future? It's being planned for you, courtesy of the megagazillionaires of our Global Elite, at their annual meeting in Davos.

What is the relationship between CAFTA, the European Union, and Communitarian Law build up by a relatively unknown Communitarian network? Read Niki Raspana's debut two-part article and find out.

More on Sustainable Development by Michael Shaw.

Hopefully my own next piece (almost completed) on "The Global-Governance Deception" will not be dated by the time it is uploaded to the site!

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