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Author of Major Work on Federal Reserve Is Missing!

This has come courtesy of several people independently of one another. Eustace Mullins is probably best known for his book The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, which you can still read here. Reading this should inspire even more doubt about this country's unswerving support for that U.N.-Rothschild creation, Israel. I can't help but wonder where all this is going, and who will be taken out next as our New International Economic (World) Order continues to emerge.

Where's Eustace?
By John Kaminski

Friends, associates, and admirers of renowned conspiracy author Eustace Mullins have gone into full panic mode over his mysterious disappearance. Mullins, 82, has been missing for seven days (as of 1/12/06) from his Staunton, Virginia home, where his cars are still parked and his mail and newspapers are piling up on the front porch.

Local police say there's nothing they can do and are notoriously vague and nonchalant about his welfare or whereabouts, according to friends who have called them to express alarm over his sudden disappearance.

Mullins, author of Secrets of the Federal Reserve and more than a dozen other well-researched tomes about who runs the world from behind the scenes, was scheduled to appear on an Internet radio show, Hesham Tillawi's Current Issues (, on Thursday, Jan 5, but did not appear.

Filmmaker Randy Atkins, who was scheduled to appear with Mullins and did actually participate in the show with Tillawi, has no idea where Eustace is, but noted it was very unlike the affable and professional Mullins to miss a scheduled appointment.

Atkins recently created a new film about Mullins' perspective on world events, titled "Neo-Zionist Order: Who Rules Your Rulers." This DVD is available at (a site named for an earlier Atkins film about the U.S. space weapons program that featured Noam Chomsky). Both Mullins and Atkins recently participated in a European talk show in which the methods of the international bankers who run the world from behind the scenes were extensively discussed.

Mullins’ longtime friend and webmaster, Wayne Blanchard of Staunton, is not only worried about the sudden disappearance, but furious at the nonchalance of public officials in the matter.

“Both the sheriff’s department and the police department gave me no cooperation,” said Blanchard. “Eustace has lived there for 35 years. You’d think they’d be more concerned.”

But, Blanchard noted, such a meticulous researcher of sacred cows as Mullins has made his share of enemies over the years. “He’s filed a lot of lawsuits” (and has one pending),” Blanchard noted. “Everybody tends to shy away from him” over his involvement with the hottest topics possible.

The notorious bane of Patriots everywhere, Morris Dees of the Zionist-front organization Southern Poverty Law Center, wrote a hit piece on Mullins for the local Staunton newspaper several years, and because of Mullins’ dedicated zeal in researching the sinister underpinnings of corrupt politics, he has made a lot of enemies.

Nor does Mullins have a loving family to rely upon. According to Blanchard, when Mullins had a series of ministrokes three years ago, “his brother had him put in a nursing home, and tried to have him declared incompetent. I got him out.”

But serious damage to Mullins’ health had been done, not by his illness, according to Blanchard, but by his family.

“He lost everything,” Blanchard explained. “His brother Bob proceeded to steal his assets, life insurance policy, and his silver collection worth $150,000.” In addition, Blanchard said Mullins had a joint bank account with his grandnephew, Matt Mader, from which “$30,000 was stolen out of that account.”

Mullins later sued his brother, Blanchard said.

Worse, brother Bob closed Mullins’s post office box, which he had used for 35 years and from which he sold all his books.

Mullins’ prolific career as a conspiratologist began when he befriended the legendary poet Ezra Pound who had been jailed in a mental hospital for broadcasting against American corporate interests during World War II. Mullins wrote the only approved biography of Pound.

According to the online Wikipedia,

"... during Ezra Pound's period of incarceration in a mental institution following his arrest for making pro-Axis radio broadcasts on behalf of the Benito Mussolini government during World War II, Mullins was a regular visitor to him; he wrote about these visits in his book This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound.
Mullins' books include several critiques of the United States banking system. In a 1952 book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Mullins blamed Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, and other American Jews for drowning Americans in debt. According to Mullins, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 put the nation's banking reserves in the hands of the "Jewish International Bankers" for the purpose of carrying out a plan for world dictatorship. The German edition of the book was burned in West Germany in 1955. It was the first book publicly burned in West Germany since the defeat of the Nazi government.

Mullins' book A Writ for Martyrs is largely a verbatim transcript of Mullins' own FBI file obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Mullins' book The World Order, which is about an alleged Illuminati conspiracy, was cited as a reference by Pat Robertson in his 1991 book The New World Order.

Mullins is also the author of a number of tracts including "Jewish Television: Sick Sick Sick", "The Lindbergh Murders: Hauptmann Was Innocent", "Why General Patton Was Murdered", and "The ADL/FBI Conspiracy Exposed". In a 1955 article entitled, "Jews mass poison American children", Mullins claimed that the polio vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, was a poison because it contains live polio germs.

Other noteworthy books by Mullins, all of which he self-published, include Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology Of History, Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America, The Rape of Justice, Education for Slavery, The London Connection, and Who Owns the TV Networks.

Blanchard said Secrets of the Federal Reserve sold over 100,000 copies and insists it was later plagiarized by G. Edward Griffin in his popular book, The Creature from Jekyl Island.

“Eustace gave power of attorney to his brother Bob under duress,” Blanchard explained. His brother Bob put him into a nursing home, saying Eustace suffered from the initial stages of dementia. Later tests at the University of Virginia determined Eustace competent, Blanchard said.

“Bob was probably run by the ADL (the Jewish Anti-Defamation League),” Blanchard said. “Things just don’t add up.”

Filmmaker Atkins recently posted a sensational video clip of Mullins on his website,, in which Mullins makes a chilling prediction of what is in store for the world at this time.

Quoting from the video clip which can be found at

“Israel actually plans to exterminate the entire Arab Muslim population in the world, and the Muslims know this ... Israel is interested only in genocide and exterminating all the Arab people or putting them under complete domination ... the Israelis are always exterminationists.

Then Atkins asks: “Is the United States being used by Israel to create a Christian-Muslim war?”

Mullins responds:

Yes. It’s all deliberate ... a billion Christians and a billion Muslims are now at a war to the death with each other, and the only victor will be the state of Israel.

Atkins recounts the last time he talked with Mullins. “I talked to him that Monday (Jan. 2), reminded him of Thursday's interview. “He said he was looking forward to it.” Whether that was the last public utterance of Eustace Mullins remains to be determined.

Blanchard had a darker view. “I think the ADL probably snatched him and did away with him.”

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. His latest collection of essays, “Recipe for Extinction,” will be available for sale in late February. For more information see

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