Sunday, January 15, 2006

Eustace Mullins Found!

False alarms do happen--especially with those whose writings have crossed up those in power.

Eustace Found!

News Update – January 13, 2005

An earlier report expressing concern over the whereabouts and well being of researcher and writer Eustace Mullins has proved to be unfounded. We are happy to report that the 82-year-old has been located, safe and unharmed.

We realise that in light of this the earlier report may have seemed a little alarmist. Having said that however, we would also like to point out that many in the conspiracy research community are putting themselves at risk through their investigations and writing.

Therefore we feel we need to look out for each other: to sound the alarm if necessary and make no apologies for doing so. And if it proves to be a 'false alarm' – as it appears to be in this case – we are only too happy to report it as such. Ed.

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