Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Preparing to Hyperinflate the Currency

I suppose we could be looking at yet another artificially created, elite-benefiting "economic boom." Might help the Republicans in November, should it by some chance last. (Nothing else is going to help them.) But read this in light of the fact that the Federal Reserve intends to stop reporting M-3 late in March for an idea of what is to come.

January 08, 2006

The Fed's Money Supply Armament is Underway
by Robert McHugh

M-3 has been launched into outer space, up another $56.3 billion last week, up $92.4 billion over the past two. This is some real horsepower. Over six weeks, the meaningless figure, ahem, is up $177.8 billion. These annualized growth rates are 28.7 percent, 23.6 percent, and 15.3 percent respectively. Those are the seasonally adjusted figures. The raw, non-seasonally adjusted, figure is up $293.3 billion over the past 12 weeks, on a pace to add 1.2 trillion in money to the economy. Wow. There must be a need for this. Maybe the master Planners see a coming need to monetize our debt? To support markets? They tell us the economy is good, so clearly they cannot be stimulating our way out of a recession. There's a lot of money flooding the economy and it has to go somewhere. Right now it is lifting markets.

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