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U.S. Taxpayer Dollars for Mexico's Educational System?

It looks as though 2006 is destined to start with a bang! This comes courtesy of Joan Masters (thanks)--just more evidence of the subtle, ongoing, gradual effort to dissolve the U.S.-Mexico border using the effects of money. (Don't have a full source; will attempt to rectify.) Plenty of links at the end, for those wishing to pursue this further.

Money for the Mexican Education System?
by Virginia Brooks

Now this is a pile of crap. Let Mexico pay for educating their own people.

It is a shame that we SENIOR Citizens still have to pay real estate tax for school districts to educate ILLEGAL ALIENS children. We do not have any children in school and have not for years. This ought to upset everyone who reads this...We can not even educate our own without the Feds putting their nose into the mix, plus fighting to have the money for the public schools, for the upkeep of the buildings.

Please send this far and wide. I have been saying for the past several years that we are moving very fast towards the One World Order or government, this is part of that push.

Call you congress critters while they are home and tell them no way will we stand for this! Virginia Brooks

Money for the Mexican Education System

Today on C-Span Washington Journal we were treated to a pitch for money for the Mexican education system. "Just $50.00 per head for Mexican children", says Luanne Zurlo of the World Education and Development Fund. She assures us that the money will not be taken out of education money for American children. It's not clear how she thinks that will work since she will be asking the U.S. Senate for the money after the first of the year. She says the money is needed for our security. I don't know about you, but that sounds like blackmail to me.

If I hadn't been so angry, it would have been amusing to watch the mental gymnastics she used to justify this request for money. Here is the reasoning:

"Mexico's economy isn't producing good jobs because the citizens are not well educated. If the citizens were better educated it would create jobs there so that Mexicans wouldn't come here for better jobs. The Mexican economy lost the jobs that were sent down there after NAFTA because the Chinese are better educated and they work for cheaper wages. So by educating Mexicans, we will be more secure."

Where does one begin? This is just one more step towards the attempt to integrate our country with other countries on this continent to create PAX Americana. It all started with the so-called 'free trade' agreements. It is treason by trade on the installment plan.

First, the export of our manufacturing, then the failure to guard our borders allowing a massive illegal invasion of our country, then the proposal by The Bushwhacker for a common security perimeter, then the agreement to give Mexican citizens - legal or illegal social security, then the special fund to pay for medical services for Mexican citizens who are here illegally and now. they want us to fund the Mexican education system.

(A few years ago Vincente Fox was offering to send Mexican schoolbooks to this country to educate his citizens, remember?)

The language used by Luanne Zurlo was the precise language that is being used for No Child Left Behind: better teacher training, standards, accountability, and consequences. This message is the same message they used for our schools but what is really meant by it is internationalization of the curriculum to a communist ideology and a computerized tracking system that will be integrated into the global labor certification system (SCANS) which is integral to the functioning of America's Job Bank.

America's Job Bank is a system to help match up any willing employer with any willing worker in the world. It is also the Total Information Awareness (TIA) that DARPA was working on that Congress halted. It is going largely unnoticed because it is being built through the school system and it will be used to monitor and control future American children - and apparently Mexican children.

It is not difficult to see where this is going. Under the auspices of the United Nations, eventually it will be an information tracking system for all the working people of the world - wealthy elites excluded of course.

What's happening in our country is a communist takeover of the working class and a fascist takeover of our national resources. It is being funded and promoted by the multinational corporations and foundations.

The system of public-private partnerships funds organizations [such as] Ms. Zurlo's World Education and Development fund. They are being used to propagandize for the communist system and to implement the controls that are necessary to enforce it in the future. The communist system benefits the wealthy elite and their corporations because it controls labor making the working people virtual slaves.

Links for the above in case they didn't come through:

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To sin by silence - when they should protest - makes cowards of men ~ Abraham Lincoln

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