Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Not only is Big Brother watching you, but he's making full use of what he observes with his cameras! Talk about Government tightening down the screws on We The People!! This just in from Nancy Levant, who received it from a contact in Illinois. I suppose if this garners revenue in Illinois it will start showing up in every state in our former Republic.

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Sent to me from a friend who often drives to the Chicago area to visit her kids.... ~Cj

Illinois will begin using photo radar in freeway work zones in July. Second offense tickets are $1,000 with license suspension. Beginning in July the State of Illinois will use speed cameras in areas designated as "Work Zones" on major freeways.

Anyone caught by these devices will be mailed a $375.00 ticket for the FIRST offense, but he SECOND offense will cost $1000.00 and comes with a 90-Day suspension. Drivers will also receive demerit points against their license, which allows insurance companies to raise their rates.

This represents the harshest penalty structure yet for a city or state using PHOTO enforcements. The State will begin with TWO camera vans issuing tickets in work zones with speed limits lowered to 45 MPH. Photographs of both the Driver's face and License plate are taken.

Pass this on to everyone you ! know !!!!

for more info: http://www.dot.state.il.us/press/r033005.html

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