Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Coming Iran War: An Alternative View

Is the coming Iran War about the oil bourse scheduled to open in little over a week now, or is it about conquest, pure and simple--the idea that no sovereign nation can be allowed autonomous existence in the New World Order. The question is always: who benefits from a particular policy decision? Among the globalists are those who would benefit from a collapse of the dollar in the wake of the oil bourse, so this does militate against the idea that saving the dollar is the real motivation for an attack on Iran. Could it be neocon conquest? Behind the neocons, I suspect, is the Fabian Socialist movement, manipulating the brainless neocons like puppets on strings. Behind the Fabians, very possibly, is the House of Rothschild among, perhaps, the other superelite banking families mentioned below: architects of the contemporary world's real power structure. I cannot prove this, of course, but it is consistent with what we already know.

Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse
A red herring to distract from real long term agenda of full spectrum dominance

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | March 9 2006

Noted author F William Engdahl is keen to warn that Iran's plans institute a Tehran oil bourse is a red herring that diverts attention from the real long-term geopolitical agenda to remove another Middle East pawn in the quest for Neo-Con world domination.

Arguments put forth by the oil bourse theorists state that the US is worried that if Iran shifts to selling its oil in Euros then the dollar will collapse as the world reserve currency and other nations will quickly follow suit and dump their dollar holdings, causing an economic meltdown in America to rival 1929.

In an piece for the Asia Times, Engdahl points out that the intended invasion of Iran was by no means a recent blueprint, but a decades old dream carefully laid out in strategy documents.

"In 1996, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, two neo-conservatives later to play an important role in formulation of Bush administration's Pentagon policy in the Middle East, authored a paper for then newly elected Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That advisory paper, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", called on Netanyahu to make a "clean break from the peace process". Perle and Feith also called on Netanyahu to strengthen Israel's defenses against Syria and Iraq, and to go after Iran as the prop of Syria.

More than a year before President George W Bush declared his "shock and awe" operation against Iraq, he made his now-infamous January 2002 State of the Union address to Congress in which he labeled Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, as a member of the "axis of evil" trio. This was well before anyone in Tehran was even considering establishing an oil bourse to trade oil in various currencies."

Engdahl expands his article to underline the history of the dollar's relation to the oil market and why the bourse theory and its alleged economic ramifications is a red herring.

An economic collapse doesn't worry the families that own the Federal Reserve and America because they will be the only ones to benefit from it.

The ten major shareholders of the Federal Reserve are as follows.

Rothschild: London and Berlin; Lazard Bros: Paris; Israel Seiff: Italy; Kuhn- Loeb Company: Germany; Warburg: Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Bros; New York; Goldman and Sachs: New York; Rockefeller: New York.

These families and others sell stocks at high prices during relative economic boom right before artificially instituting a crash, as in 1929, and then buy the same stocks back for pennies on the dollar.

Curtis Dall, son-in-law of FDR and a syndicate manager for Lehman Brothers, an investment firm, was on the N.Y. Stock Exchange floor the day of the crash. In "FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law," he states: "...it was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World-Money powers triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the New York Market."

Any financial panic brought on by Iran trading oil in Euros would have been adequately prepared for by the Globalists, if not engineered directly by them.

The agenda behind the Iran war is as simple as it is chilling and money-making, control of oil and no-bid reconstruction contracts are teardrops in the ocean compared to the depth and horror of the ultimate objective.

The megalomaniacs that control Israel wish to live in a world largely devoid of Muslims or Persians and they have embarked on a hundred year plus mission of ethnic cleansing to wipe them from the globe. This is why race-specific bio-weapons have already been developed for this purpose. They have made a pact to carry out this agenda in league with the Neo-Cons, and above them the Globalists, whose desire is also world population reduction and complete full spectrum domination and control over all countries and near-Earth space itself.

All these facets are openly discussed by the elite in their own public documents.

To fully realize this dark vision, the Globalists need to eradicate any rogue state that may become a focal point of organized opposition to the creation of a one world government. There will be no room for sovereign nations in the New World Order.

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