Saturday, April 08, 2006

Amnesty For Illegals Thwarted - For the Moment

Letter from Bay Buchanan (Pat's significant other*):

Congratulations!! Both Immigration Bills Fail!

Dear Friends,

Congratulations!! You did it!! I knew you could and you did!! Thanks so much for all the calls and the visits. I am told by everyone that the phones were constantly ringing in the Senate offices. This is why the Senators wanted the vote to pass today. They figured they would take a two week vacation and return when the storm had passed. Now they will return to a much larger storm!!

Here is what happened. The Republicans knew they couldn't move ahead with the bill as it was-they were demanding Senator Frist allow amendments to the bill. Democrats said no amendments-the bill had to go to a vote as is-blanket amnesty, in state tuition, et al.

So the Republicans refused to let the bill go to the floor for any vote. Then the Senate refused to let the Frist bill, another disastrous immigration proposal, go to the floor. Two great victories for our side!!

We won another battle today, and a huge one at that, but we can't let our guard down! The Senate plans to resume this debate after Easter!! They have even scheduled a vote for their first day back-April 24. And you know the Business Round Table crowd must be up in arms and working overtime to get their 'guaranteed cheap labor' bill back on track.

So here is what we need you to do. The Senate and the Congressman are back on their home turf. Find them-use the phone or the car-but find them. Go to their offices again and again-find out if there are any town hall meetings or any public appearances and go there-make yourselves heard so loud that it shakes these fellas out of their elite little worlds. Make them realize you, your family, your friends, and Americans everywhere have had enough. Demand they secure the border, demand they enforce our laws. And then let them know you will accept no amnesty and no guest worker.

I must tell you--you have made my day! You have won one for America! I consider it a privilege to be on the same team with you.

I'll update you again next week-in the meantime have a great weekend. You have earned it!!

With the greatest of respect,
Bay Buchanan

Here is a link (from our website) to the Senators' local offices.
*Actually, Bay is Pat's sister, not his significant other. Somebody goofed. SY

i believe that Bay is Pat's sister, rather than his significant other. might double-check the fact.
You are correct. Strange I didn't catch that. (But it was 3 in the morning before I got around to posting that.) Will fix.
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