Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Academic Embarrassment (Or: This Is Where Evolution and Deep Ecology Take Us)

At first glance, I've little idea what to make of this guy and even less what to make of those who would give him an award, except perhaps to say that there are times when I must admit embarrassment to be associated with academia in any way. But these are the people being awarded the full-time academic jobs. Courtesy of Messsinger (thanks).

Scientists cheer holocaust wish
Texas academy honors professor who wants
90% of human race exterminated by Ebola

Posted: April 2, 2006
5:45 p.m. Eastern

© 2006

What would happen if a world-renowned scientist and evolutionary ecologist told hundreds of his colleagues that 90 percent of the human race needed to be wiped out by exposure to Ebola or some other deadly virus?

Apparently, according to a scientist who claims to have witnessed such a remarkable event one month ago, the fiend would get a standing ovation and an award.

Forrest Mims III

That's the story being told by Forrest Mims III, a member of the Texas Academy of Science, chairman of its environmental science section and editor of the Citizen Scientist.

The speech Mims heard was delivered by Eric R. Pianka, a lizard expert from the University of Texas. It is recounted in detail in the latest issue of the Citizen Scientist.

"We're no better than bacteria," Mims quoted Pianka as saying in his condemnation of the human race, which, he claimed, is overpopulating the Earth.

The only way to save the planet for the rest of the species is to reduce the human population to 10 percent of its current number.

Eric R. Pianka

[Read the rest here if you've the stomach for it.]

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