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Bilderberg Group Watch in Ottawa: Update

Attendees of the latest meeting of one of the world's most secretive groups are spotted; they now include neocon kingpin Richard Perle. Perhaps they are deciding the fate of Iran, as Ahmadinejad continues to assert that old-fashioned concept of national sovereignty. No one knows for sure. Two articles posted below.

'These guys love secrecy'
...and they're in town for mystery meeting

June 9, 2006

Original here.

David Rockefeller arrives at the Bilderberg meeting in Kanata last night. (Errol McGihon SUN)

A RED Hyundai slows outside Kanata's Brookstreet Hotel, set amid the manicured green campuses of Ottawa's hi-tech firms.

"What's going on?" the driver asks, leaning out.

"Sir, there's a global crime syndicate meeting," cries Alex Jones, the host of an Austin, Tex., radio show who's been stalking the secretive Bilderberg Group for years.

He was one of a pack of alternative journalists, conspiracy theorists and just plain suspicious local folks who camped out last night and caught a glimpse, they said, of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of Holland, former N.B. premier Frank McKenna and a host of other bigwigs.

They might well have -- all those names were on a rare, unsigned Bilderberg press release, Canadian Press reported.

New York Gov. George Pataki, the heads of Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse, the Royal Bank of Canada and two figures behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq -- Richard Perle and Ahmad Chalabi -- are also in town, according to the release.

One no-show was Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But he's already addressed the group at a 2003 meeting in France.


There's still a strong Canadian contingent this year, including Power Corp.'s Paul Desmarais and Heather Reisman, of Indigo Books.

Talk-show host Jones said he almost didn't make it.

He said he was detained at the Ottawa Airport for more than 12 hours by border guards who seemed to know who he is.

It was no coincidence, Jones insisted.

"These guys love secrecy -- 125 of the most elite people on the planet meeting together and setting policy," Jones said. "It's diabolical -- world government, global taxation. On the agenda here, they're debating (an impending) attack on Iran."

The Bilderberg Group -- named after the Dutch hotel where they first met in 1954 -- has as its stated goal to increase ties between Europe and North America.

Bilderbergers meet behind closed doors, they say, so the politicians, tycoons and royalty can speak frankly.

But even mainstream critics call them elitist. They've spawned a stream of conspiracy theories.

"A very powerful group of people who destroy every constitution on Earth to create a new world order" is the conclusion of Canadian Daniel Estulin who published a book that, he said, prominent Bilderbergers arranged to have banned.

The tiny group controls the world's 6 billion people, said Estulin, who, undeterred, is at work on a second book from his home base in Spain.

"It's safer for me there," he said darkly.


Neocon Prince of Darkness Sighted at Bilderberg Meeting
Kurt Nimmo

June 10, 2006

Original here.

According to Megan Gillis, writing for the Ottawa Sun, the Straussian neocon "Prince of Darkness," Richard Perle, is in Ottawa, possibly to attend the Bilderberg Group meeting held there, along with the standard fare of neolibs and globalists, including "David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of Holland, former N.B. premier Frank McKenna and a host of other bigwigs," as Gillis puts it. As Perle is a prime shaker and mover behind the "clash of civilizations" agenda to "reshape" the Muslim Middle East (that is to say, shock and awe it, by way of bunker-buster and depleted uranium, into submission), it makes perfect sense for him to be on the Bilderberger roster, especially now that Iran is next up on the target list.

It appears the globalists are at odds on Iran. "I think of war with Iran as the ending of America’s present role in the world. Iraq may have been a preview of that, but it’s still redeemable if we get out fast. In a war with Iran, we’ll get dragged down for 20 or 30 years. The world will condemn us. We will lose our position in the world," Zbigniew Brzezinski told Vanity Fair earlier this year. I don’t know if Ziggy will attend the Bilderberg meeting, but chances are the Soros side of the neolib order will attempt to convince the neocons, and thus their sock puppet Bush, to not unleash the Pentagon’s fury against the Islamic nation, not that the traditional neolibs have any love for Iran or its people, but rather they likely believe Brzezinski is correct.

However, now that the Straussian neocons control the levers over at the Pentagon, with their man Rumsfeld at the top of the organizational pyramid, chances are Iran will be lined up in the cross hairs, and before the coming mid-term election. "Because of his chronic unpopularity, Bush is already in a complicated political predicament," writes Dr. Michael Carmichael, a public affairs consultant and broadcaster. "Bush is facing the loss of his American political hegemony in the midterm elections this November. If Bush loses even one house of Congress, he will face the immediate threat of official probes led by partisan special prosecutors and a rising demand for his impeachment. In his game of poker with Ahmadinejad, Bush has nothing to lose by upping the ante and wrapping himself in the American flag while dropping a massive bombardment onto the primary vortex of his Axis of Evil, Iran."

Of course, official probes and impeachment are, at this point, little more than wishful thinking, as few Democrats have the guts to take down Bush. Nothing short of a clean sweep of the corporate and globalist whorehouse on the Potomac will squash the neocon agenda, now moving along at a steady clip. However, if the Democrats do indeed win come November — and this is less than assured, as the neocons are now seasoned at throwing elections — they may pitch a few speed bumps and slow down the rush to shock and awe Iran into submission, and thus, as Carmichael notes, the neocons may push hard for an attack before the election.

"Questioned by a largely supportive audience of admiring students willing to attend a late lecture on a Friday night [at the at the Oxford Union earlier this week], Perle touched upon the diplomacy between the West and Iran in the most insipid terms he could muster," Carmichael writes. "Taking into account the latest diplomatic developments, he gave his Oxford audience the impression that the outcome remains obscure in spite of the fact that he is one of the principle architects—and the sternest—of the Iran negotiations." Of course, as we know, there is nothing "obscure" about the path the neocons are traveling—they intend to sabotage all negotiations, as they did previously in regard to Iraq, and put the "military option on the table." In fact, as Carmichael notes, citing former CIA analyst Ray McGovern’s comments on Alex Jones’ radio program, there "is already one carrier task force there in the Gulf, two are steaming toward it at the last report I have at least—they will all be there in another week or so. The propaganda has been laid, the aircraft carriers are in place, it doesn’t take much to fly the bombers out of British and US bases—cruise missiles are at the ready, Israel is egging us on" (see Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July, by Paul Joseph Watson).

"McGovern’s predictions may be unfolding already," Carmichael continues. "The London police raid that coincided with Perle’s visit to Britain netted two men suspected of terrorist plotting to build a massive chemical bomb. But, after four days of excruciating forensic examination of their premises, the police found no evidence of bomb-building activities. Whether this ’swoop’ was staged or not remains to be seen, but this episode resonates with an official campaign to ratchet up the public concern about terrorism. The non-productive raid has produced a predictable backlash among the local residents who are demanding some form of official confirmation that the raid was based on credible evidence rather than a melange of Islamophobic paranoia." In addition, it appears the Canadians are onboard with the neocon brand of "Islamophobic paranoia" (or rather calculated fear-mongering), as a ludicrous terrorist plot, an obvious set-up by the RCMP, demonstrates. All it will take now is for a sincere terrorist attack of the sort unrolled last summer in London to get the ball rolling and the bombing sorties unleashed from flat-top decks.

"Exactly as Richard Perle intimated to the BBC, the world is witnessing the machinations in a game of geopolitical poker. The stakes are high. In spite of his perceived weakness, George Bush holds a very strong hand, The White House, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court and both houses of Congress. Yet his political weakness with the American public is the primary factor motivating him to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran. With his approval rating falling into the low 30s, Bush has too little — if anything — to lose to worry about current public opinion."

Dare I say Bush and the neocons don’t give a whit about the American public? As even a superficial examination of the Straussian neocon ideology reveals, the neocons have nothing but contempt for the American people, who they consider clueless peons, little more than expendable pawns in their global game of domination, beginning in the Middle East. As I have noted here repeatedly, the neocons believe the American people are soft, decadent, squeamish, don’t have the "stomach" for global conquest, and must be forced, through increasingly brutal and gruesome acts of false flag terrorism, to do their murderous bidding.

"McGovern entertained the notion that western governments and intelligence hierarchies could potentially stage terror attacks in Europe and the US either before or after an invasion of Iran," writes Watson. "That’s altogether possible," McGovern responded. "I would say even probable because they need some proximate cause, some casus belli to justify really unleashing things on Iran….I would put very little past this crew - their record of dissembling and disingenuousness is unparalleled…. I would say even probable because they need some proximate cause, some casus belli to justify really unleashing things on Iran….I would put very little past this crew - their record of dissembling and disingenuousness is unparalleled…. I think we all agree that an attack is likely before the election and we all agree that it has to do largely with the election—as for timing I see a likelihood that it could come as early as late June or early July, most of my colleagues predict August, September, maybe an October surprise even."

Perle’s appearance a the Bilderberg meeting is another indicator something is up. Is Perle in attendance to sell the shock and awe campaign to the neoliberal wing of the globalists, who usually prefer "color revolutions" à la Soros? Or did Rockefeller and Kissinger call Perle, as the neocon ambassador, on the carpet to give him a dressing down and issue a possible warning? In fact, there is no way to know precisely.

However, one thing is for certain—left to their own criminal devices, the neocons will eventually attack Iran, as they effectively control the biggest and baddest military juggernaut history has ever witnessed.

Finally, Dr. Michael Carmichael comments on the probable outcome: "…if Bush were to attack Iran, he would instantaneously transform Ahmadinejad into the most powerful figure in the increasingly Anti-American world. With that transfiguration, Ahmadinejad would have nothing to constrain him from launching attacks not only against American targets as Ray McGovern suggests, but the Iranian Prime Minister would be free to join forces with Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad in an attack against America’s primary ally in the region, Israel. Bristling with potential targets from its vulnerable nuclear facility at Dimona as well as its major population centers including Tel Aviv, Haifa and Elat, Israel would be in the frontline of any potential counter-attack by Ahmadinejad."

Faced with such a dire prospect, no doubt Israel will start lobbing around nukes.

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