Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are the "Banksters" Getting Nervous?

This past Sunday, September 17, 2006, was Constitution Day, and I know of only one church, South Pointe Baptist Church just outside tiny Pelzer, S.C., that devoted its morning services to the topic of how Christianity and Constitutionally limited government dovetail. The Constitution assigns to Congress the task of "coining money and regulating the value thereof," not private corporations. The Federal Reserve, as should be known, is a private corporation and not a branch of the federal government. It answers not to the people but to the "banksters"--the international banking / financial elite (centered in the House of Rothschild and its countless satellite operations around the world). Its purpose has been to gain control over as much of the world as possible by gaining control over the finances and economies of once-sovereign nation states, making them dependent; and making a once free people, Americans, into economic dependents by devaluing their currency. Today some are prone to saying that wages have not kept up with inflation. This is true: what has been inflated over the years is the supply of fiat money in circulation, so that it buys progressively less over time. Strictly speaking, therefore, our wages have not merely remained stagnant but have gone down.

Working with the U.S. Treasury Dept. over the years, the two have become the ultimate public-private partnership!

The truth about the nature of fiat money and its invariable collapse has emerged in many communities, some of whom have actually begun to supply alternatives to official Federal Reserve / U.S. Treasury Dept. fiat money. The Liberty Dollar is an example. As of this week, the Liberty Dollar is under attack. The powers that be do not want people circulating Liberty Dollars, and do not want ordinary people using them as currency.

Doubtless the "banksters" are nervous over a number of recent events: (1) the fact that growing numbers of people do not believe the official account of the 9/11 attacks, which were very likely a combined effort including federal agencies aimed at war in the Middle East and domestic police state conditions at home; (2) the growing numbers of people who are educating themselves about how the Federal Reserve operates, and realize that it (and the Infernal Revenue Service) amount to the biggest ripoffs in human history; and (3) the appearance of Aaron Russo's film America: Freedom to Fascism, which if it "catches on" could precipitate a large scale rebellion against the "banksters" themselves which would include the gradual abandonment of our present-day fiat currency and its replacement with, e.g., Liberty Dollars. Here is an informative account of what has been going on with the Liberty Dollar and why it makes the "banksters" nervous. Stay tuned. (Thanks to Wes Drawdy for this.),

Banksters getting Edgy?

Feds lower boom on alternative money
Updated 9/15/2006 3:01 AM ET

By Barbara Hagenbaugh, USA TODAY

The government Thursday warned consumers and businesses that it is illegal to use alternative money known as "Liberty Dollar" coins, which organizers promote as a competitor to the almighty dollar. "We don't want consumers to be fooled," U.S. Mint spokeswoman Becky Bailey says, noting U.S. Attorneys offices across the USA have noticed a marked increase in inquiries about the coins.

The coins' producers vowed to fight the government's decision.

Evansville, Ind.-based National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code, otherwise known as NORFED, has been making the Liberty Dollar coins for eight years and claims $20 million is in circulation. The group says the money, unlike official U.S. cash, has a hedge against inflation because it is made almost entirely of silver and is backed by stocks of silver and gold in a vault in Idaho.

The coins are then spent by the group's 2,500 Liberty Associates in stores run by fellow supporters or are accepted unknowingly by clerks who are unaware they are not receiving real money.

The Justice Department has determined that use of Liberty Dollars, which come in varying denominations, "is a crime," according to the Mint, which issued a rare public warning Thursday.

"The United States Mint is the only entity that can produce coins," Bailey says.

The Mint notes the coins share some resemblances to real money, such as the term "Trust in God" instead of "In God We Trust" and use of a torch in the design. Such similarities may confuse people into thinking the money is real, the Mint says.

But NORFED says it will challenge the government, arguing it has never claimed Liberty Dollars were official money and that it has a right to offer an alternative.

"The designs and verbiage ... are original and are not copies of any U.S. Mint currency," NORFED Executive Director Michael Johnson said in a statement.

It's unclear how many people or businesses are unknowingly holding Liberty Dollars, which cannot be exchanged for real money at banks.

In a case in Buffalo, a man and his son are set to go on trial next month after they knowingly tried to buy beer at a Buffalo Sabres hockey game with Liberty Dollars.

The Mint did not say if government officials will seek to prosecute individuals or NORFED after its warning.

Reed Runk, part-owner of Kendall Funk & Bismark Jewelers in Chambersburg, Pa., says the store has been accepting Liberty Dollars for about a year and has sold a few as well. Runk says the store will continue to accept and sell the coins.

"We just feel that they are something that educates people as to what the monetary systems are like in the world, that they are a fiat system, that if people lose faith in them, they will collapse," he says. Besides, "They are a good-looking coin."

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." [Lord Action] Essentially, cetralized banking has become the defacto government of the United States - with the capacity to turn the "current" or "currency" on and off as it were. For a metaphore of the effects of modern banking, watch the comedy "Just Visiting," in which a Noble and his servant travel into the future wherein they discover electricity and lights. For hours the servant switches the lights on and off exclaiming... Night, Day! Night, Day! Night, Day! To be sure, todays America has become what the original colonists sought to escape and overcome. Due to the FICTIONAL, or legal ENTITIES of the IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, CCRA etc., The CORPORATE GOVERNMENT or ENTITY OF CANADA and the CORPORATE FICTION of THE UNITED STATES, the people of both Canada AND the US, live under, administrative, or "color of law" FICTION, which is largely regulated by the UCC or Universal Commerical Code. Ironically, under the present system of administrative "democracy," which is pretence at its finest, no lawful or natural person in either Canada or the United States votes in any Federal election, which is conducted only in the FICTION. Essentially, no real person, with the capacity for moral and ethical action of independent volition, ever votes. Paradoxically, there is no so-called "democracy." What does happen, is the natural or free will person, unwittingly and unknowingly "volunteers" to be captured into the FICTION, by means of a legal machination known as the "STRAWMAN" or PERSONA in the FICTION. If you will look at the NAME on the front of the "DRIVERS" license in your wallet - The VOTER named upon any VOTERS registration card - What you presume to be "your" vehicle registration, you will note what appears to be your name written in all CAPS, last name first. This is no accident. The persona named in this FASHION, is not you, but only what appears to be you. For further "illumination" read La Amistad - Slave Ship America at... www.slaveshipamerica.com . In todays system of "scientific" slavery, there are no unalienable rights, only privileges as they are assigned to the FICTION which you "volunteer" to become and for WHOM you contract to become legally responsible for. Think about it... When an "inventory" control clerk of the FICTION with a gun (POLICE ENTITY) asks you for your DRIVERS license, he is not asking you for "your" license, but the license of the FICTION or STRAW PERSONA, without brains, for which you as a natural person have formed legal joinder, thus placing your natural and true free will person under the jurisdiction and authority of the CORPORATE FICTION. Essentially, we are now living in the domain of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVIST CARTEL or FICTION. We have become a nation of LEGAL FICTIONS or STRAWMEN, without a capacity to act either morally or ethically of independent volition. Ironically, both Canadians and Americans, are today without rights and have been surrepticiously robbed of our true freedoms by LEGAL FICTION and CORPORATE PIRACY.
This pernicious process has been allowed to proceed, because we have entertained ourselves for decades, and due to a strange quirk of human nature - That most people would rather be "rewarded" as SERVANTS, than "compensated" as masters.
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