Friday, September 15, 2006

Email From the Sheeple

Again I've been away for some kind. Perhaps that calls for explanation. For starters, I have to admit that I've grown a bit bored with it, wondering if this sort of thing is accomplishing anything worthwhile. I was struggling to get The Real Matrix finished, as I am more than aware that if it takes another year I might as well not bother; with RFID going into passports next month and into human volunteers as well, very soon now it will be too late! Simultaneously, I am now teaching five classes for two institutions spread out over three campuses (if you can call University Center, a converted shopping mall, a campus), writing a weekly column for the Times Examiner based here, polishing an article for The New American, working on a number of articles for (hopefully), assisting a friend and associate with his campaign for Bob Inglis's SC 4th District seat in the House, and keeping up with the workaday chores a single guy who lives alone has to take care to keep his place from disintegrating into chaos. Hence the recent scarcity of articles posted here, which is not intended to mean that there aren't plenty of materials worth reading out there. Jerome Corsi's pieces on the stealth effort to create a North American Community (or North American Union) are out there, as is the ongoing counterattack by Establishment media against 9/11 "conspiracy theories" which now have (in one form or another) the support of approximately a third of those polled according to two recent polls. It is clear that the Establishment is worried, and it will be interesting to watch how this plays out--just so long as whoever was really behind the 9/11 attacks doesn't decide that Americans haven't been sufficiently reduced to the status of a terrified sheeple and launch a new strike somewhere on American soil. That there will be another attack at some point in time wouldn't surprise me any, although if severe enough it will probably be enough for this Administration to say, in effect, "Screw it!" suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law. We're not there yet, but we're getting close!

Speaking of sheeple, every so often--perhaps once every two or three months--I get an email that strikes fear in me given the fact that the idiot who sent it probably votes. In the following, reproduced unchanged, note the dichotomous thinking ("either you're for the Republicans or you're a "liberal") among the other lapses in basic logic.

I was reading your web site and I guess I pretty much agreed with you until I noticed the only villians [sic.] in your piece were Republicans.

The Democrats, who have wreaked most of the damage you are crying about, get no mention at all. I suppose they are totally innocent and are mere bystanders to your diatribe.

[sic.] my opinion, the Democrats have done more damage to America in the last 40 years than any other entity on this planet.

You have, therefore, Mr. Liberal Innocence, lost me as a reader or supporter that never was but could have been.

Your Democrat, President Traitor, known in some circles as Jimmy "Hambone" Carter, is the VERY person who handed over our school system (that you pretentiously lament the demise of) to the socialists. It has been a downward spiral ever since. Yes, public education has been dumbed down, but who is responsible? Not your beloved and protected Democrats.

You are easy to see through, just like most "Professors".

I am sure you do not know how disrespected people of your profession have become. I am also sure you lunatics in the Unviversities
[sic.] have no clue just how you are viewed by us outside of your profession.

For those of us who you cannot punish within your little fiefdoms for disagreeing with you, you people are a joke and a scourge on the land. We, who you cannot punish can openly disagree with your idiocy. SO, fail me.................

Someday, you will be made to pay dearly for your subversive activies


Now I just love good namecalling and ridicule, in addition to the lapses of logic already mentioned above. And I also just love it when a guy like this hides behind the relative anonymity of a first name only. To be sure, there is bad intellectualism and pseudo-intellectualism on college and university campuses; if this joker only knew what I have gone through during the past 15 years to have any kind of a genuine intellectual career at all! Probably replying at length was a waste of my time, but I did it anyway--again reproduced without change.

I have to chuckle at the thought that someone out there, probably a Neocon, thinks I am a "liberal" b/c I am critical of a lot of things Republicans are doing these days.

First, I'm not sure what "web site" you're referring to. My blog ("It's Happening Here: the Emerging New World Order ..."), one of the many articles I have on many pages, or something else. (I don't have an active personal web site as such.)

But back to Republicans. Hellooooo! Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch, and over the past 5 1/2 years we've seen the largest expansion in the size and scope of government in U.S. history--larger than under Roosevelt, larger than under LBJ and larger than under Clinton. Most of the expansion of government has had nothing to do with the so called "war on terror," since it involves domestic programs that have nothing to do with terrorism (expanding Medicare, for example). Plus we've seen a full scale attack on private property rights following the Supreme Court's disastrous Kelo decision last year, which Congress has (so far) refused to reverse! Not to mention the fact that the Bush Regime has gotten us into two unwinnable wars against nations that didn't threaten us first and had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. The neocons running Washington are practically salivating at the nouth to attack Iran, which would be an even bigger disaster for the country.

The long and the short of it is: the Bush Regime has been a disaster for the country. If saying that makes me a "liberal," then so be it. I couldn't care less about these labels. Paul Craig Roberts (who once worked in the Reagan Administration) is also highly critical of the Iraq War and of the way Bush has handled the "war on terror" generally. Does this make him a "liberal"? There are many others who are critical of this Administration's Utopian globalist, erase-our-borders policy: Patrick J. Buchanan, Tom Tancredo (a Republican, btw), Ron Paul, to name just three examples. All closet "liberals," I presume! (Actually, the Republican Party wasn't all that bad until the neocons took it over and destroyed it.)

Have you not noticed that under this Regime we are moving steadily closer to Martial Law (or something akin to it). Bush now issues "signing statements" informing Congress which laws he will obey and which portions he will simply ignore. Always in the interests of "national security," of course. I forget off the top of my head who said it, but when the chief executive decides which laws he will obey and which ones he won't, he places himself above the law, and "we don't have a Constitution, we have a king!" Call him King George II.

I was no fan of Clinton, and I was no fan of Carter. Perhaps you should ask before simply assuming; you are utterly clueless who I am or anything about me. If you're not a neocon I'll be very surprised; most neocons are intellectual lightweights who, in an anti-intellectual society, fit right in! Perhaps you don't even know of your hero King George II's close cooperation with his Mexican buddy Vicente Fox's scheme to dissolve our national borders, and pave the way for a North American Community that would finish the job of trashing the Constitution:

Their corporate-elite buddies are cooperating fully, since they believe this scheme to create a regional superstate will make them rich. In the short term, it probably will--off the backs of all the cheap Mexican labor! We've got a good explanation here for why King George II won't lift a finger to secure our border with Mexico, or why those idiots in the Senate passed an immigration bill that would allow over 100 million Mexicans to enter this country and eventually become citizens despite the 20 million or so who have broken our laws. No, King George II simply lied through his teeth on May 15 about the need to secure our border.
[Slight goof here; I meant to say, He lied about his intention to secure our border.] All of this in an era when--supposedly--we are at risk from terrorists who can cross our southern border just as easily as all the illegal aliens that are colonizing this country. Geez! Small wonder 30 percent of the public now thinks 9/11 was an "inside job"! I guess you have to be one of those "intuh-lekshul" professors to think that what this Administration is doing doesn't add up!

I am not a socialist or anything close--but I am fed up with the brand of predatory corporatist pseudo-capitalism in which EVERYTHING is FOR SALE including, apparently, the nation itself! Think of Bush's idiotic Dubai Ports deal of a couple months back (public outcry got rid of that, thank God!)--or the Trans-Texas Corridor being built, again, by foreign corporate empires. We now have the hugest national debt in history, the hugest trade deficit, the highest-ever consumer debt, and a savings rate that has gone negative. The unemployment rate and inflation rate are both lies--believed by a clueless sheeple. These are the fruits of the hard-core materialism of today's superrich who are, in fact, the major constituency of your hero King George II. Btw, it was not the Democrats that destroyed education in America; huge, superrich-controlled foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and a handful of others) bankrolled the policies and the programs that wrecked the government schools, just like they've bankrolled most of the hardcore left. The Democrats--who know a gravy train when they see one--simply went along for the ride.

Should I take the end of your email as a kind of threat against professors? As a person who was once basically fired from a teaching position because I wrote a book critical of affirmative action programs, I have to laugh at any insinuation that I am part of today's academic Establishment.

But this aside, I've no doubt that we are in a deepening, downward spiral of anti-intellectualism that can't be blamed exclusively on academic "liberals." As the level of dumbth deepens, perhaps when your hero King George II or his successor has finished trashing the Constitution and declares Martial Law (we are, at most, one "emergency" away from such), you neocons can have yourselves some lynching parties and get rid of all those "intuhlekshuls" who ask pesky questions like, Where did the Constitution authorize King George II to create and consolidate power in the Department of Homeland Security? or Who is really benefitting from the Iraq War?--or even, where is all this prosperity all these globalist trade agreements are supposed to have brought us? Heretics!! Burn 'em at the stake!! THen you can all go back to watching American Idol. Hell, I am starting to think most of you sheeple are too stupid to live in a free society!

Perhaps it goes without saying that "Joel" didn't address a single issue I raised. Of course, there are people out there for whom using their brains to engage issues is literally a new experience. Today these are the people who lash out in mindless rage whenever they see their hero George W. Bush criticized. Pathetic, and in a way, scary. If these people got power, would they be any different than the most ardent, politically correct, power-hungry feminazi?


For what it's worth I find your blog a great source of information and enjoy reading your posts (in a sick, look at a car wreck kind of way). I think you may be correct that most sheeple in this country are incapable of living in a free society. Anyway, some of us out here value your insight. Bill
Yes, of course: the false dichotomy. It's the main reason I don't often tell my co-religionists I don't support Dispensationalism (and thus Zionism, and Bush, etc.). Regardless I am by definintion a fundamentalist because I adhere to the Five Fundamentals, that one point of "failure" makes me a theological liberal.
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