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The Truth About the U.S. Economy Revealed Again

Wage slaves are what is wanted by those in power, or "entrepreneurs" involved in public-private partnerships, not genuine entrepreneurs capable of maintaining self-sustaining small business enterprises. This article deserves to be plastered all across the halls of every Chamber of Commerce building in the country. Maybe he should have entered this country illegally from Mexico! Thanks to Wes D. for this.

Wes's introductory remarks:






commercialappeal.com - Memphis, TN

Swiss national's U.S. stay nears end

DeSoto record business doesn't qualify him for permanent visa

By William C. Bayne
November 4, 2006

A Horn Lake man and his family face deportation after immigration officials determined his business was not substantial enough to qualify him for permanent residency.

"We're faced with having to sell our home and our business," said Martin Enderli, a Swiss national who moved to Horn Lake after visiting in April 2005.

"Maybe we would have been better off if we had come in across the Mexican border, without asking for visas and trying to do everything according to the law," he said.

Enderli has been told he has from three to six months to sell his business and his home before being deported.

He owns Crossroads Records on Goodman Road. Crossroads specializes in old records, tapes and CDs, and has developed a loyal following among collectors.

Enderli said the shop has been growing in spite of the government ruling that the business was not substantial.

Immigration officials said earlier that Enderli's business plan didn't meet minimum requirements that would allow him to stay in the country.

After the April 2005 visit here, Enderli and his family returned on six-month visas in August 2005 and applied for permanent residency. That request was denied, and his temporary visas expired in February.

Enderli had joined the Horn Lake area Chamber of Commerce and drew support from Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker and from state Rep. John Mayo, D-Clarksdale, in his bid for permanent residency.

"Everybody who worked on this is just crushed," Larry Witherspoon, executive director of the Horn Lake chamber, said of Enderli losing his bid to stay.

Enderli said the notification that his applications to extend visas had been denied came from his attorneys.

"We're still hoping that maybe we could get some favorable ruling from the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland, but we really don't see a silver lining," Enderli said. "We're hoping for help, but this has brought a lot of tension."

Attorneys advised him to return to Switzerland and apply for re-entry with a new visa, but Enderli said that would place him at considerable risk.

"Since I overstayed my 6-month visa, they (immigration officers) would flag my passport immediately if I tried to re-enter the country. Then I would be barred from seeking another visa for an additional three years.

"It's obvious we don't have another chance (unless immigration officials change their stance)," he said.

Meanwhile, he said the snarl of red tape has brought hardship to his family.

"We Swiss are cautious people," he said. "If we had had any idea that our applications would have been denied, we never would have come to this country. We're not the type of people to take risks.

"But as it is, we have invested all our money in a home and business, and now we could lose everything."

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