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North American Union--"Wacko Conspiracy Theory" or Ongoing Process?

Plenty of North American Union material this past week--or, if you prefer, North American Community.

The first item that came to my attention was a new one by Jerome Corsi, "Michael Medved Loses His Cool Over North American Union". Boy, did he ever! You can read Medved's screed here assuming you're inclined to one of the silliest and most hysterical rants I've seen in a long time. This thing says more about Medved than it does about any North American Union scheme. I can't say I know a whole lot about Medved, although following up I learned he's a film critic of sorts. He should have stuck with what he knows. From Medved: "This paranoid and groundless frenzy has been fomented and promoted by a shameless collection of lunatics and losers; crooks, cranks, demagogues and opportunists,... [T]here’s no reason at all to believe in the ludicrous, childish, ill-informed, manipulative, brain dead fantasies about a North American Union...." He's just getting warmed up. Check this out: "... bastards and creeps and jug-heads and drunks and reprobates (yes, they are all of the above)..."

Don't you just love good namecalling? With this piece, Medved has blown his credibility--although he's probably well enough connected to weather whatever rational rebuttals come his way and keep on keepin' on. (We nobodies out here in the boonies could never get away with a hysterical tirade like that! We'd never be published again--anywhere!)

The amusing thing is, I doubt I would have even seen Medved's screed had Corsi not linked to it in rebutting it. Corsi's piece is useful in offering us a very nice summation of the entire case that a process is going on mostly "behind the scenes," a process that will lead eventually to a North American superstate. By behind the scenes I only mean that this process is not reported on the 6 pm news or on other mainstream media outlets. Doubtless the American people would reject it if it were brought to their attention.

Just as the process leading to the European Union would have been rejected by Europeans had that process been brought to their attention. Corsi references the book The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive? by Christopher Booker and Richard North. I decided I have to have this, so I ordered one off the site that very online session.

Jean Monnet was the leading brain behind the European Union. He was opposed to national sovereignty in principle. And it is clear from his own recently released writings that Monnet was interested in having the process of European integration sail under the radar screen until it was irreversible.

The North American Union argument holds that the same thing is occurring here--has been since this country passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The different parts of the puzzle fall into place when we lay them side by side: the case made for a North American currency, the Amero, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North American, Building a North American Community (published by the Council on Foreign Relations), the Trans-Texas Corridor, The North American Forum on Integration, and much else--including the more recent revelation that at Arizona State University there is now a program for training students to think of themselves as "North Americanists" (funded by the taxpayers). Viewed in isolation, of course, none of these might be particularly significant--but taken together, all of them occurring at once?

The story got more interesting as last week progressed--and I delayed this entry on purpose waiting to see how things would play out. (Did not want to delay longer than today, though, lest we fall into the bad habits of the last couple of months.) Another Human Events writer, John Hawkins, placed Corsi at #3 on his list of "20 Most Annoying People on the Right". Hawkins, too, was unable to avoid attacking ad hominem, as opposed to arguing on the facts. Corsi replied here. Hawkins reply indicates that he still can't distinguish sound reasoning from invective. In the first sentence he calls Corsi a "conspiracy theorist," when Corsi has gone to great lengths--as have most of us--to explain why the North American Community process is not a conspiracy. There is simply too much going on where anyone with a computer, online access, and the motivation to find out what is going on, can do so. Of course it is not on the 6 pm news, and of course neither Bush nor Robert Pastor nor anyone else is going to come right out and tell everyone that they are hatching a scheme that will end the United States of America as we know her. They would have to be out of their minds to do that.

To those who respond to allegations about this process with, "There's no evidence," I will from now on ask how much evidence there was that a European Union (or a euro) was out in the open and readily available in, say, the 1970s? Remember Jean Monnet, who understood the value of secrecy. The same events are happening here that happened there: "free trade" agreements leading to a gradual economic integration, and behind-the-scenes efforts at harmonization of laws, regulations and standards. Europe went on to a common customs union, a common currency, the formation of a European Parliament and finally the European Constitution, when both France and the Netherlands suddenly noticed what was going on and got cold feet.

We have NAFTA, which is just the most visible of several "free trade" agreements going back to the 1980s. We have the documents and organizations listed above, along with the same efforts at harmonization and the promotion of a large "security perimeter" around North America (via the North American Cooperative Security Act). The idea of the amero has been floated; our economic reality is that of a very troubled dollar. North American studies programs are being held on universities.

If all of these do not add up to something--in light of the history of Europe--than I have no idea what would. Tbose who wish to take the Blue Pill and continue to believe that nothing out of the ordinary is going on are, of course, going to do so no matter what any of us say. One may hope they don't wake up one day and realize that we have lost our country to a North American Parliament or, what is more likely, at least initially, to a host of overlapping, cooperative, transnational bureaucracies answering only to transnational corporations and not to the American people.

Just as a footnote, it might be worth nothing that independent-minded Canadians have looked at the evidence and come to the same conclusions as Corsi. Some of the players are different. We have the Council on Foreign Relations; Canada has the Ottawa-based Canadian Coucil of Chief Executives to represent corporatism and "free trade" there. The Canadian Action Party has released their definitive statement on the sabotage of Canada by their government.

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Please consider advising Huckabee how to expose the calumnies of George Will, Rush Limbaugh, and so-called "free-trade" apologists for corporate greed.

They appear to advocate "free trade" with the same unblushing fealty one might expect of liberal advocates of "free lunch."


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