Friday, September 09, 2011


This blog has been dormant for a long time, but as of today, September 9, 2011, it is back in business! Much has changed, both for its author personally* and for the country. The biggest change for the latter: as everyone knows, the economy nearly collapsed back in 2008. Otherwise: the foreign wars are still going on; the domestic police state is still tightening down the screws; we may have changed parties in the White House and partially in Congress, but the country is still heading in the same direction, which is toward a cliff. The elites' commitment to globalism hasn't changed. So we're back. We'll have to do some reconstructing and perhaps some waiting for whatever audience I had before to rediscover this blog (hopefully minus the trolls, partisan idiots, and jokers who think this is a good place to advertise for free). But there's plenty of reason to blog. From what I can tell, the blogosphere has drifted "leftward" somewhat especially since the Meltdown of 2008--those locked into the left/right paradigm would look at it that way, but we could still use a corrective, in the form of thinking outside that particular box. Much of my "blogging" has been done on Facebook. That will now change. What has been going on there will be going on here as well, more publicly. Others have as much right to this information as I do, and so anyone who surfs in will be able to find it.

(*Biggest personal changes: my parents both passed away in 2009 & this year respectively; I will be relocating to Chile possibly in February 2012; and my book Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons For the Decline of the American Republic will be out hopefully in November of this year.)

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